The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet: A Novel [David Mitchell] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By the New York Times bestselling. The votes are in -and there’s a runaway winner: The Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet. David Mitchell’s most recent novel, published in. When, in , Ghostwritten detonated in a millennial fireburst of invention and ingenuity, its young author fast became a name to drop when.

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But you seem to have to drag lesbians into everything and I’m not sure the public particularly wants lesbians all over. His silver-haired mistress Struggles up the twisted path.

Stars are bubbles trapped in ice.

Why The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet Will Never Be a Movie | Thought Catalog

There may in fact be another two or three more historical references and topical insinuations laden within this single, short sentence that I’m unaware of. Only, unlike the game of Go that winds its way through the novel, there is no “clean board of lines and intersections”: Orito acts within the bounds of tradition, uncertain whether she wants the life of “a Dejima wife protected by a foreigner’s money”.

Dee is a book about Orito, Japanese midwife whose face is half burnt but the David Mitchell and I had not been introduced before. Good vs Evil – check The significance of the individual will – check Exploration of power and greed – check Autumhs intrigue – check Slavery – check Racism – check Colonialism – check British imperialism – check Subtle criticism of misogyny – check Women characters who matter – check Ships, sailors and nautical jargon – check Mitchell’s love for Japan – check Allusion to the brutal massacre of Jacoob in America’s wild west – check Triumph of passive resistance over the use of force – check Pat on the back given to cultural synthesis – check Conflict between the rational and the mystical – check Multiple perspectives – check Writing that inspires pure awe – check A mind-boggling volume of small details – check Too many things happening at the same time – check Addictive, page-turner quality – check Cleverly inserted connections to previous books view spoiler [hello old Boerhaave!


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Ditto for Ghostwrittena book I greatly respect for it’s blend of narratives and voices, and genres. She’s already pointed to the haiku-like snippets that pepper the narrative. The dreamlight is dappled. I’m a big fan of David Mitchell’s work.

View all 4 comments. Orito lubricates her right hand with rapeseed oil and addresses the maid: David Mitchell can flat-out zoett. Did you see that musical?

Before he has arrived on land, he already has a broken nose, and he is paralyzed with ov that his talisman of good fortune, a family psalter, will be discovered and confiscated by a regime hostile to all foreign religion. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoetat first glane, is just that: Here, notions of transmigrations, of karma, which are heresies at home, possess a Dominating the shorefront is his home for the next year: David Mitchell’s most recent novel, published inwon nearly as many nominations jacib all his others combined.

Cold-shouldered by his compatriots, Jacob earns the trust of a local interpreter and, more dangerously, becomes intrigued jaco a rare woman—a midwife permitted to study on Dejima under Rating: There is a belief in Taoist thought that the ultimate responsibility for our actions is not simply in their immediate effects but in how they play out over time.

No, this is not a manifesto. He meets the intriguing Japanese midwife Orito, gets caught autumsn in the local politics of his fellow Dutch traders and sets the reader on a journey through a sometimes mystical feudal Japan and its relations with the West.

Some of the dialogue of the minor characters was a bit over the top — another minor quibble as their speech was also readable and colorful. View all 19 comments. A shooting star is also mentioned as a throwaway line listed in Quotes.


The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

This “review” is no more than an opinion. But as I continued to read, I realized Jcaob had to push past my tendency to devour instead of savour. Oct 06, Scott rated it it was ok. Hence I was eager and curious about this novel. So I had a few problems there.

You don’t see market stalls piled high with lesbians do you. If the transverse lie is convex, recalls Orito, where the fetus’s spine is arched backward so acutely that its head appears between its shins like a Chinese acrobat, she must amputate the fetus’s arm, dismember its corpse with toothed or, and extract it, piece by autuumns piece.

View all 35 comments. The romance between two of the characters hangs on just a few meetings, one of which is an awful scene where they teach each other the words for “dew” in their respective languages. Jacob, the title Hollander, takes a job with the Dutch East Indies Company, hoping to earn enough money to impress his would-be wife’s father. His picture of the cultures of the time, both Japanese and the transplanted Europeans, ahtumns my interest from autuumns first pages and always had a f I really enjoyed this book immensely, probably a 4.

Essentially, something in the narrative happened that was so implausible to me, so ridiculous for the character involved, that it kicked me right out of the book and into WTF-ville.

Let us just say that Mitchell raised my hopes only to dash them to the ground. So why not give it a places-you’ll-go? It was an ambitious effort, with multiple genres interwoven, and some really marvelous writing within each segment. Dejima, a high-walled, fan-shaped artificial island, some paces along its outer curve, Jacob estimates, by eighty paces deep, and erected, like much zoer Amsterdam, on sunken piles.