The LiftMaster Elite Series includes a Smart Control Panel, battery backup and lifetime warranty, but only comes with one remote. The LiftMaster® is the only 3/4 HPS®* professionally installed opener with a fully-integrated standby power system. It will operate the garage door opener. The belt-driven LiftMaster is a premium model, but is that premium worth it?.

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Also, if you do use the CIGBU gateway for smart functions you may want to put both it and your WiFi router on a UPS, otherwise a power outage while you are away may leave you with no control via smartphone. Most low- to mid-range garage openers use a chain drive.

The battery backup and lifetime motor warranty do, however, add significantly to the appeal of the Remember, though, that DC motors are not rated in HP. The product listing for this opener on Amazon is a bit misleading, which worries me somewhat.


Is it worth the extra few dollars? Thanks to the combination of a belt-drive and a DC motor the only noise actually comes from the roller wheels and doors.

LiftMaster Belt-driven Garage Door Opener Review

LiftMaster products are designed specifically for professional installation. The backup battery is built-in, and of course without an inverter only DC motors can have battery backup in the first place. Performance-wise the seems really good. If, however, this is for a detached garage, or you want to know if your significant other is sneaking out in the middle of the night, you can safely go for the noisier chain-drive model.

The rest of the parts have a five-year warranty, and the battery only has a one-year warranty. However this is not the case, according to user reviews.


The advantage here is that the rail will be one single length, rather than multiple pieces that are clipped together from a box kit. As far as I can tell, although it supports them there are no safety beams in the box. I think the looks pretty good with its big red accent and pearl housing.


Belt-driven openers are litmaster principle very similar to chain-driven openers, but they are quieter and smoother.

Both devices should perform about the same. This is especially important if your garage is attached to a bedroom or underneath a living space.

This is stronger and more attractive. If budget is not an issue, go with the LiftMaster; if you want to control costs go with something else, like the Chamberlain. You get the main unit, the wall control panel, and a single 3-button remote. Think of it as a refinement of the chain-drive principle.