p TRANsISTOR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. C Transistor Datasheet pdf, C Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics . ST25C Transistor Datasheet pdf, ST25C Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Sean little point posting repeat questions to a four year old thread. However I suspect dtasheet simply had the wrong audio device selected. Take it back and make him do it again. Failing to view or open up my laptop. I presume its very old? I think you’ve got something bigger going on. If you’ve got hard corruption, you probably have a failing hard drive.

Sony didn’t release an updated Win7 driver transisyor for this machine. Have you tried installing the XP drivers from their download site at https: Dongle for my digitizer. Its their problem, not yours. Computer beeping on start up not loading.

Результаты поиска для 945P

Faulty Hp touchpad buttons. My guess is that datasheey has had something spilt on it, but that’s only a guess. As to HP’s response? We can’t speak for them.

You need to ask them. Dongle not working in 3G. Probably malware on the machine – someone else has remote access to your PC. Seen it before — online poker is inherently insecure with a datazheet of electronic cheating going on. I’m not sure transitor Android 4. How many in a group? Are they long or short? Its like a repeating morse code, and we need to know what the repeating pattern is. Dongle lit up no connection. Message saying DNS not responding.

I suggest you tell her to call the internet company. I’d guess that she’s run out of credit and had her access blocked. But you need to ask them, not us.

All NPAPI plugins will appear as if they are not installed, as they will not appear in the navigator. We will provide an override for advanced users via chrome: In addition, setting any of the plugin Enterprise policies e. Sounds like the BIOS password has been set. On most older PCs you can reset that with a jumper on the motherboard. To do the same on a latop assuming the jumpers are there means an entire strip down of the machine.

Check the documentation which came with the transisor. I’m guessing you transistof yours from a PC World or Currys store – they datashheet to create a recovery disk at point of sale as part pf their setup service – but personal experience has suggested that this often went wrong. The actual key combination depends on the model and version of windows – so check your documents 2 It should be possible to remove the password from the PC, but how its done depends on whether its a BIOS or Windows password, and on the Windows version.


Without more info its impossible to guide further. The product code for the drive simply implies its a GB Seagate. We tweaked them ourselves to allow for our recovery processes. If it errors, don’t worry about it. Ignore the floppy boot disk – thats only needed if you were installing from an early-version Microsoft Windows XP disk – which didn’t have SATA drivers on it. As I don’t think your machine has SATA and has obviously installed OK then you don’t need to worry about it as to the Radeon driver, try googling for “Radeon all-in-wonder” – but be careful, theres a lot of malware out there.

If so, driver downloads are at http: HP used a lot of them – documented at http: Fransistor this looks like it may be the right driver ftp: Problem with my 3 Dongle. Genuine Windows Validation problem. And try running windows update -even though xp is now unsupported it should let you download the updated WGA file you need.

However, in reality you need to get rid of that PC. Windows XP is a major liability now.

p TRANsISTOR datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

T mobile broad band dongle says no coverage. Driver required for a external usb floppy drive for a Time PC. If it doesn’t work theres something wrong with the drive or with the USB port Theres a slim chance you could get it working by downloading updated drivers datashet the drive manufacturer, but its a slim chance. Generally, computer assemblers use whatever is the cheapest component option on the day they purchase the tranaistor.

A cut-price brand like either E-System or Ei-Systems will simply use the cheapest parts they can lay their hands on. In summary, the machine could have any brand of drive in their. And to be truthful, it doesn’t matter. Hard drives are to all intents and purposes interchangeable, and on an old GB drive they would all have a similar – slow – performance. Of course if you gave more details about the machine model, windows version, drivers installed, and recent history then maybe we could offer better advice.

Do you have traansistor firewall software on the machine? My guess is you have, and its locking datahseet network activity on everything except your own network. Can’t install my T-Mobile Huawei e dongle.

I’d guess that the drive is corrupt and needs formatting – but you would be best speaking to Seagate as it could be faulty. Do they transistro in device manager? My guess is you’ve wiped or corrupted the memory chip which holds the software and drivers or maybe in reverting to windows 7 you’ve not installed all the required driver for the PC.

Other than that its very hard for us to comment as you offer no useful information about the problem. Impossible to offer advice with the information given. Besides which we have no knowledge of Indian service providers.


You would do best to ask “iball” whoever they are.

We cannot usefully help. Acer Extensa The Password Horror. Sounds to me like the second password was for the factory reset image From memory or possibly ?????

Nothing wrong with the machine at all. I have a Toshiba Satellite LModel no. Probably a dead screen – if you shine a bright light on it can you see the desktop images, though very dark? If so replacement parts would cost around 70 pounds, plus an hour or so labour. The screen is easily available. I disconnect from the internet every 1 – 2 minutes.

Yes, that program does that. You running a game server? Hope you – and your family – have bullet proof security software. You’ve got a wide-open back door as long as Hamachi is on the machine.

The limit really is what you can afford As to reliability, not many people making laptop drives nowadays. Ray like many machines of the time, they were supplied without sufficient RAM. The likes of Dell bullied Microsoft into dropping the minimum specs – and got it wrong.

Since then the XP operating system has got bigger and more bloated, resulting in machines that could cope then, no longer can I appreciate your point about the cost, but to be honest even at five quid I don’t think they’re worth the effort.

As for the hard drive issue Advent used to “tattoo” some of their laptop drives, so did Acer which could well stop them booting in other machines without being reformatted and reinstalled More likely the drive or PC is knackered despite your comments to the contrary. Unless you tell us exactly at which point boot fails, what you see on screen, and the details of any error message then there is little we can do to advise However as a couple of general points 1 buying second hand laptops is usually a waste of money.

They’re usually for sale because they are faulty 2 Acer laptops are not exactly the most reliable brand. They have more than their share of motherboard failures or at least the older models did.

P Datasheet catalog

It doesn’t have the power to run Windows XP, let alone a modern operating system. Windows Me or would run on it OK. Nothing newer Give up before you waste more money. Laptop just says ”shutting down” can”t access anything and doesn”t ”shut down”.