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A Primer on Postmodernism. Front Cover. Stanley J. Grenz. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jul 22, – pages. BOOK REVIEWS. Stanley J. Grenz, A Primer on Postmodernism. Grand Rapids,. Michigan/Cambridge, U.K.: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.,. , xii+ A Primer on Postmodernism has ratings and 61 reviews. Strp said: I hadn’t expected the Christian angle, especially not an evangelical one. Since this.

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Sep 10, Patrick rated it liked it Shelves: Though some have questioned the depth of his treatment — it’s a “primer”! There are times when the exploration of various thinkers gets tedious, but this has less to do with Grenz than it does the complexity of some philosophers and their thoughts. Michel Foucault was a relentless critic of the Enlightenment. I had not realized how that book had fit into the overall scheme of things or how it related to post modernism.

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A Primer on Postmodernism

It was good to get a summary on this. Old Testament General Works. In the newer Star Trek sthere is ethnic divers Excellent history and analysis: Jan 30, Strp rated it liked it Shelves: Ultimately, because comprehensive stnley of history emphasize unifying concepts tradition, influence, development, evolution, source, and originFoucault wants to focus on their opposites discontinuity, rupture, threshold, limit, and transformation.

Stan has authored or co-authored twenty-five books, served as editor or co-editor for two Festschriften, contributed articles to more than two dozen other volumes, and has seen to print more than a hundred essays and an additional eighty book reviews. And as with all amazing characters in Star trek, they all have simply evolved Postmodernism is a jumble of artistic and historical ideas all put in one so that it is meaningless and context-less when put all together like those guys who dress like the Fresh Prince in He loved the Church, both locally and worldwide.

Schleiermacher and Wittgenstien turned modern philosophy from strict epistemology to linguistics, grounding meaning if it can be had in shared vocabulary. Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy. Even the author suggests reading the book this way primet the foreword, if you want to avoid the philosophical terminology and concepts that can stimulate migraines in the philosophically semi-initiated like myself. Both Stan and Edna completed their undergraduate degrees at the University of Colorado and Stan went on to postmodernosm his M.

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A Primer on Postmodernism. A Very Short Introduction,” I want to compare the two. He helps the reader think through the spiritual implications both the pitfalls and opportunities for the Church in postmodern society without going so far as to sanctify or demonize any other possibilities. It is true that Q poses a problem having godly qualities. From the Academy to Pop Culture, our society is in the throes of change rivaling the birth of modernity out of the decay of the Middle Ages.

The restoration of the metanarrative does create an openness to hear the Gospel of a story within a story. Finally, he ends the book with a valuable Evangelical assessment of postmodernism. In addition to writing and lecturing all around the world, Stan loved preaching. If you, like me, have struggled to understand post-modernism then pdimer book is for you.

Hiett – – Asian Philosophy 5 2: He then said, the spy novel has elements of post modernism since the world the spies live in appear to be like our world but things are not what they seem, and finally he said Science Fiction is postmodernis, post modern.

I should remark that he is targeting an audience with no assumed knowledge of post-modernism or intellectual history, postmodednism Butler often bombards the reader with references to artwork and philosophical jargon. Reason and rationality are extremely problematic, he argues, because they attempt to squeeze these intrinsically diverse concepts into an artificial homogeneity. Foucault engages in the study of human sciences. Very readable introduction to postmodernism by one of my favorite theologians.

Finally, he ends the book with a valuable Evangelical as Grenz presents a genealogy of postmodernism, setting the stage by contrasting it with modernism through an ingenious Star Trek analogy. George Karuvelil – – Zygon 47 2: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I had not realize that lecture series had covered post modernism as well as it did.


The author also steps the listener through some of the enlightenment thinkers up to Kant, tells what structuralism means, and some of the other pieces needed for understanding the trinity of post modernism and includes a section on Gadamar and his magus opus “Truth and Method” one of my stanleu books. It reads like it was written yesterday so don’t let the fact it’s years old put you off.

Structuralism argued that language is very much a socially constructed phenomenon, not an individual one. Even the author suggests reading the book pprimer way in the foreword, if you stanlry to avoid the philosophical terminology and concepts tha This is a good introduction to answering questions like “What’s the big deal about postmodernism?

The most interesting part of the book was the last prier entitled “The Gospel and the Postmodern Context”, where he explains how evangelicals should minister in the post modern age.

Foucault unequivocally rejects these assumptions. Godamer attempted a last grab at modernity by positing “a fusion of horizons” Robert Nozik has more recently called it “invariances”.

A Primer on Postmodernism – Stanley J. Grenz : Eerdmans

He served as interim pastor of several congregations and as guest preacher in many churches. For someone like myself who knows nothing about either philosophy or post modern thought, this was a very informative and enjoyable read. Sadly, Grenz will not be able to pass on his suggestions because of his untimely death.

My uni lit advisor would be so proud of me. This is a taste of postmodernity. The latter book is better written then this one. This is seen in the journey from Enlightenment to Modernism and finally postmodernism exposing a general degree of change in science, art, literature, architecture, business, fashion and the media of films, theater, television and music.

Two more of his books will appear in print within primdr next year.