Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO series All-purpose medium pressure pump; Size 18 ; Nominal pressure bar; Maximum pressure bar. Axial Piston Variable Pump. A10VSO. Data sheet. Series Sizes 18 to Nominal pressure bar. Maximum pressure bar. Open circuit. Features. Sizes 18 to ▷ Nominal pressure bar. ▷ Maximum pressure bar. ▷ Open circuit. Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO Series RE

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Displacement Pumps in Mumbai. It would also help to know the stand by pressure of the pump Adrian. Look at the orifice To change the pressure drop, the proportional valve opens to change flow and pump responds accordingly to maintain flow.

A10V(S)O variable piston pump – Rexroth

This is how flow control takes place in a DRS control. The Eng-Tips staff pmp check this out and take appropriate action. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control The pump part number and controller matches what is shown on the drawing. Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement. Viewing it like a pressure relief on an LS line makes more sense, the prop.

It can serve two purposes as far as I can see: The A10VSO is designed for stationary applications such as tooling machines. Here we go again. Vane Type Pump in Navi Mumbai.

The relief valve is a proportional valve, so the valve setting is changed by adjusting the current to the coil.

Yes, the valve can and does control the flow across the orifice. Those may be the damping orifices lump to the left of the left-hand compensator but the resolution of the diagram isn’t really good enough to say.


Get Best Price Request a quote. Part of the reason for this long discussion in the first place is that this design is a bit weird, I give you that Adrian. You’ll agree once you understand how a load sensing pump works. The valve will have its own orifice to dampen its action.


So what is the point of the 1mm orifice, if it is not there to provide a pressure differential for the flow control. No, both compensators are working but they are controlling the maximum cut-off pressure and torque limit pressure not the pump flow.

Download Now White Paper: This is where the flow control works. Cookie we use to offer you the possibility to switch the language of our contents.

Power will be automatically controlled if we can control the flow dynamically. At this point, the pump will back off or increase its displacement to maintain the pressure drop over the orifice. Please find attached images of the pump and also the schematic of the hydraulic circuit.

Thanks a lot for he replies. Get best deals for coconut.

Variable Displacement Pump A10VSO / A10VO

The pup adjusted cut-off compensator performs a similar back-up function for the proportionally adjusted one ie. As the control piston extends to de-stroke the pump it also increases the pressure setting of this pilot relief usually a dual spring arrangement to approximate to a hyperbolic constant power curve.

Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing pukp project accounting. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control You keep saying that the proportional relief valve is to limit the pressure. If it’s just a close and push like a coining press the power limit control is not really required. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control HPost Why have a pressure cut off compensator on the pump and a relief valve on the press as well then?


Deactivating this cookie would stop permitting the orders. A10vsp such an orifice the small pressure relief valve could become saturated and loose it’s function.

We also have in our range various valves for hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation uses. An orifice to provide a pressure differential is indeed the core of a Load Sensing principle. On mobile machines with LS system the pressure out to cylinder from a certain directional control valve is sometimes 1a0vso to a lower setting on some Caterpillar machines also maybe?

Like you say Adrian, there is most likely an orifice in the regulator itself but for this application it may have been removed. When the pressure of the prop pressure relief valve is reached, the pressure in on the X port will be limited thanks to the orifice and hence the pumps pressure will be limited. You probably know very well how a pressure relief on a LS line work.

A10VSO 18 DFR Pump, वेरियबल स्थानांतरण पंप – Jacktech Hydraulics, Ahmedabad | ID:

There is usually no need to have a closed loop on applications like this, but it is possible to have pressure pummp flow feedback or both to give better control or more precise power control.

This in turn reduces the flow of the pump. Good luck to you all