Espen J. Aarseth (born in Bergen, Norway) is a figure in the fields of video game studies Aarseth’s works include groundbreaking Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature (Johns Hopkins UP ) book, which was originally his. Cybertext is the organization of text in order to analyze the influence of the medium as an integral part of the literary dynamic, as defined by Espen Aarseth in. Aarseth, Espen J. () Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature. The Johns Hopkins University Press. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

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I have not seen any work so comprehensive in its synthesis of previous commentary. The essay also discusses hypertext fiction in depth as well as works of interactive fictionsuch as Colossal Cave Adventureand MUDs. The sense of play and gaming has been a recurring theme in the cybrtext.

There are two challenges in the process of expanding traditional literary studies to make room for cybertexts and ergodic literature: In the context of literature, Aarseth identifies the belief that digital technology allows the reader to become the author: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature Espen J.

A little bit dry, a little bit dated, and I wish it covered a broader range of cybertdxt. This course examines the shift from traditional cinematic spectacle to works probing the frontiers of interactive, performative, and networked media. In a warseth, the person makes decisions and decides what to do, what punches to punch, or when to jump.


Aarseth Snippet view – This misrepresentation of the relationship between the reader and the text conflates the mutable narrative paths of the cybertext with the ambiguity found axrseth literature with otherwise linear expression.

File:Aarseth Espen J Cybertext Perspectives on Ergodic – Monoskop

In CybertextEspen Aarseth explores the aesthetics and textual dynamics of digital literature and its diverse genres, including hypertext fiction, computer games, computer-generated poetry and prose, and collaborative Internet texts such as MUDs. But, because it is a cybertext the ‘finishing’ of the story is not as important as its impact on the reader, or on the conveyance. The term cybertext was coined by speculative fiction poetry author Bruce Boston.

As the examples provided by Aarseth demonstrate, a cybertext can be paper- or computer-based, codex or software: Cybernetics Electronic literature Digital humanities. This is a cybertext with minimal control. He also outlines the different categories and varieties of nonlinear texts. You are guided ccybertext the piece.

Cybertext is the organization of text in order to analyze the influence of aarxeth medium as an integral part of the literary dynamic, as defined by Espen Aarseth in In a novel, the reader has no choice, the plot and the characters are all chosen by the author, there is no ‘user’, just a ‘reader’, this is important because it entails that the person working their way through the novel is not an active participant.


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Alternative textual structures explicated as literature. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat Applied Theory at York University, Canada. Aarseth defined it as a type of ergodic literature.

Is it necessary to define a new aesthetics of cyborg textuality? Depending on what link you choose or what portion of the diagram on the side you pick you will be transferred to a different portion awrseth the text.

References to this book Narrative: Toolan No preview available – Perspectives on Ergodic LiteratureEspen J. The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Views Read Edit View history. An example of a cybertext is 12 Blue by Michael Joyce.

How does ergodic literature potentially change those other literary pleasures? The Death and Politics of the Reader Democracy.

Espen Aarseth

Aarseth’s works include groundbreaking Cybertext: Selected pages Title Page. You may never really ‘finish’ the story. He identifies two characteristics of these texts that he returns to repeatedly in this opening chapter: In order to obtain the message work on the part of the aaarseth is required.