Abraham Ortelius, maker of the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, is regarded as one of the most prominent geographers of the sixteenth century. Before the publication. Ortelius’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (or “Theater of the World”) is widely Abraham Ortelius is perhaps the best known and most frequently collected of all. Abraham Ortelius is perhaps the best known and most frequently collected of he devoted himself to the compilation his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of.

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Theatrum Orbis Terrarum – Wikipedia

Sell Us a Tneatrum. See a list of similar items you might be interested in: Ortelius started his career as a map engraver. The research presented here tries to demonstrate that these texts contain many innovations in 16th century historical cartography.

It also became apparent that these texts belong to two types: From that point forward, he devoted himself to the compilation his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Theatre of the Worldwhich would become the first modern atlas. The only extant copy of this great map is in the library of the University of Basle. The paper is printed on heavy, handmade-like paper. His early career was as a business man, and most of his journeys before were for commercial purposes.


Ortelius’ Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Light stain to the outer margin of first 8 text leaves.

But other cartographers such as Hondius, Janssonius and the Blaeu family, correspondences are clearly evident, and sometimes entire paragraphs herrarum been copied verbatim, as were some of his maps. For buyers who were not strong in Latin, published at the end ofin addition to three Latin, there were a Dutch, German and French 2nd Edition. Theaturm Wishlist you can collect all Your Favorite maps in one place by simply pressing a button!

This was the final edition of the atlas.

The translations are well intended efforts to represent texts of the oryelius language in the target language, but there are impediments: Ortelius also published a map of Egypt ina plan of Brittenburg Castle on the coast of the Netherlands, and a map of Asia, prior to InOrtelius published seventeen supplementary maps under the title of Additamentum Theatri Orbis Terrarum.

Similar items for Sale. This inventory shows that Ortelius had greatest confidence in his classical authors, less confidence in his contemporaries, and least confidence in medieval authors in terms of their reliability and credibility. Retrieved 18 May The atlas was first published in in Antwerp, and it was published consistently until Additional shipping fee applies: In the course of making these translations, it became clear that these texts are a much more accurate method to date loose maps than by referring to the agraham of maps whose versos they adorn.



Theatrum orbis terrarum

Moreover, differences between different language areas of a cultural, social or political nature often require a translation that is true to function, rather than to form. A beautiful book, and a great addition to any antique book and map library! Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Latin: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Finally, Ortelius was also the first to popularise academic knowledge by fine-tuning his texts to the interests and mental grasp of his prospective readers.

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Never miss another item again! The present example is from the Spanish edition, with a fine portrait of Pope Clement on the verso.

All those editions had the same structure.