Ontologia e metafisica. Achille C. Varzi. Columbia University, New York. [ Pubblicato in Storia della Filosofia Analitica, a cura di Franca D’Agostini e Nicla. A critical survey of topics that play a central role in contemporary analytic ontology and metaphysics, including, identity, persistence through time, the problem of. Ontologia has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. È possibile, e come è possibile, fare un inventario di tutto ciò che esiste?Che cosa esiste? A questa domanda, u.

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Convexity predicates and the convex hull operator continue to play an important role in theories of spatial representation and reasoning, yet their first-order axiomatization is still a matter of controversy.

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The book has over pictures and is completed by a formal appendix, a section with puzzles and exercises, and a extensive annotated bibliography. He did so, I argue, because farzi poem is as Whitmanesque as one could possibly imagine. There is a danger of suffering from ontological myopia just as there is a danger of suffering from ontological allucination. Valentina Braido rated it really liked it Sep 17, This bibliography is concerned with recent literature on the nature of events and the place they occupy in our conceptual scheme.

Varzi is an Italian-born philosopher.

Can these questions be addressed in a general setting, or are they intrinsically unanswerable except within specific frameworks of reference e. In each case it is a matter of choosing, of selecting certain books rather than others in the mare magnum of Sul confine tra ontologia e metafisica more.

Item s unavailable for purchase. Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal from index Translate to english Revision history. It is shown that both theories are acceptable from the standpoint of constructive reasoning while remaining faithful to the spirit of classical mereology.


Il catalogo universale more. An introduction to analytic ontology. Drawing and Saul Steinberg. As Barry Smith has shown, the same could be said, more generally, of In questo libro Achille Varzi, docente al Dipartimento di Filosofia della Columbia University di New York, illustra la discussione filosofica attualmente dedicata all’ontologia.

Ratio, 291— Features over problems with complete solutions. The two theories are then compared and assessed with regard to their extensional import. Varzi – – Sistemi Intelligenti 15 3: This is the original Italian edition of “Insurmountable Simplicities. The selections are grouped under six major themes: Some thoughts on holes and the challenging metaphysical conundrums they raise, beginning with the obvious question: Only with time does this fluid totality in which we are immersed begin to take shape: Added to PP index Total downloads 15, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 14 34, of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

Achille C. Varzi, Ontologia – PhilPapers

Esercizi di attenzione more. Part 2 deals with the question, How is ontology done? Each section is preceded by an introduction by the editor along with a comprehensive thematic bibliography.

LogicPhilosophical Logicand Philosophy of Logic. Varzi has made notable contributions to the fields of philosophical logic mainly vagueness, supervaluationism, paraconsistency, formal semantics and metaphysics mainly mereology and mereotopology, causation, events, and issues relating to identity a Achille C.

Finally, I argue that this reconstruction allows us to view the indeterminacy of our modal intuitions as being part and parcel with the indeterminacy of our criteria for individuating modal occurrents, and that this indeterminacy is naturally explained in terms of linguistic as opposed to ontic vagueness. A dialogue between a figure and its background, illustrating that the perceptual conditions that determine which is which are not as clear as standard Gestalt theory dictates.

Cesare Cozzo – – Almanacchi Nuovi 96 2: Or, perhaps equivalently, what is it for an operation or a relation to be logical? Rejoinder to Hull more. Sign in to use this feature. Uomini, Topi E Formiche: Added to PP index Total downloads 7, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads?


Refresh and try again. PersistenceTemporal partsand Perdurantism. I give you the beginning of a sequence of numbers say and you have to figure out how the sequence continues, to uncover the rule by means of which the sequence is generated. L’inferenzialismo di Robert Brandom. La Teoria di David K.

Realism in the Desert more. We often speak as though there were such things, but deep down we want our words to be interpreted in such a way as to avoid serious ontological commitment.

In ontklogia, we argue that mereotopology—the theory of the relations of part to whole and of part to part within a whole—provides a conceptual framework of enormous potential for appreciating its unexplored ontological underpinnings, thus contributing to the foundations of psychology as onfologia developmental science of the inherent uncertainty that accompanies all individual and social becoming.

Varzi – – Laterza. A position article summarizing our approach to the philosophy of space and spatial representation. Back to Black more.

How are such disagreements to be understood? Normore on medieval accounts of logical validityJ. It is for this reason that traditional Aristotelian logic, with its tacit existential presuppositions, was eventually deemed inadequate as a canon of qchille logic.

An overview of the origins and development of analytic metaphysics. I modi dell’amicizia more.