“La acidez y el encalado de los suelos”. Revista Ciencia y Técnica en la Agricultura Cañera (La Habana, Cuba) N° 2. Act p: Principales fuentes de acidez • La Acidez en suelos viene de H + y de los iones de Al 3+ en la solución del suelo y adsorbido a la superficie de las partículas de . Acidez y encalado de los suelos. Instituto de la Potasa y el Fósforo, Quito, Ecuador. 42pp. INPOFOS. Manual Internacional de Fertilidad de Suelos.

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Climate is humid with an average annual precipitation amount of 2, mm and temperate cold: The solution was shaked for 30 minutes and filtered. Conocidos estos datos pueden adoptarse las siguientes directrices: The program also includes other actions such as the creation of terrasses to prevent erosion, the set up of cover-crops.

P-Olsen measured in different localities of the precordillera and the cordillera, Araucania Region south of Chile.

Acidez de los suelos y efectos del encalado

Such strategy should be based on a balance of P that takes into account the increase of output due sueols the increase of the pasture productivity. We analysed the soil in those fields, for two consecutive years, characterized by very different weather conditions: We might connect stream, current, flux, flow and evolution as being manifestations of motion; expurgation, disinfection, refining, bowdlerization and whitewashing as being manifestations of cleaning.

De la Fuente, J. En la India, Kalia ct al. Phosphoric fertilizers affect directly phosphorus availability Helyar, Alex values were not significantly different between the first and the rncalado year, but exhibiting a slight decrease during the period at Cunco.

Acidez y encalado de los suelos – José Espinosa M. – Google Books

A llos possible explanation of these results can be given by the generalized use of urea for nitrogen fertilization in this area, it is the cheapest nitrogen fertilizer source.

The phosphorus was determined by colorimetry with the blue of molybdene method, using ascorbic acid as a reducing agent.


Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, Santiago, Chile, pp. The fields received calcium carbonate and superphosphate the year before the grasslands were established and during the year following this establishement.

Spanish words that begin with en. We measured soil characteristics and grassland productivity, but in this paper, only the soil data are presented.

Site description and experimental settings.

Lastly, this strategy avidez also integrate phosphurus recycling through cattle manure. For example, new methods of nitrogen fertilization, based on a nitrogen balance, should be spread and the use of urea should be avoided.

As seen above, the actions taken in the program were unable to correct consistently the pH in all localities but Lonquimay.

Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 71 2 In this location, the decrease of P-Olsen probably results from phosphorus consumption by alfalfa Nichols et al. The aim of this study was to assess the effect on soil quality of a governmental program whose objective is restoring the fertility of degraded acidic volcanic ash soils. Medicago hispida or Lotus uliginosus. World reference base for soil resources This plant also produces more biomass, thus increasing the exportation compared to native pastures.

The actions of the program establishment of the pasture, liming, phosphoric fertilization are boxed with continuous lines; the soil properties acted upon are boxed with thick dashed lines; the sought-after quality of the sward in thin dashed lines. Therefore, native pastures of this region have a very low productivity and express a very specific flora, which consists essentially of grass, but contains also some legumes, adapted to the high acidity of the soil, and some other aluminium-tolerant species, adapted to an acidic environment Mora et al.

During the first year of alfalfa cropping, a second fertilization was performed kg ha -1 of P 2 O 5. The number of fields studied is shown in table 1. It is more likely due to the unsufficient amount of lime added to the soil: Each sample was analyzed at the soil laboratory of the Catholic University of Temuco. The impacts of the program on acidity pH and exchangeable aluminum were different among localities.


No fertilization was applied afterwards, whatever the delay between the program application and our survey in and Finally, overgrazing caused also problems of erosion.

This analysis led us to propose several possible ways to improve the program’s effectiveness. Spanish encaldao that begin with enc. Urea acidifies soils and can cause an increase in the amount of exchangeable aluminium Zejiang et al.

The program should also integrate some actions relative to pasture management. Academic Press, Australia, pp.

Meaning of “encalado” in the Spanish dictionary

Antofagasta de la Sierra es un oasis de altura. Soils of these five localities are classified as andisols Vitric-Silandic Andosol as mentioned by Salazar et al. In order to answer these questions, we selec ted a series of fields that participated in the program in four municipalities of the Precordillera and in one municipality of the Andes Cordillera. The definition of limed in the dictionary is white.

They could be explained by the above-mentioned changes in the pH. The quantities of lime provided initially must be reconsidered and, most of all, it is necessary to repeat the liming every years in order to have more lasting effects on the sielos and, consequently on the exchangeable Al content.

Second, liming had a temporary effect: At Lonquimay, P-Olsen initially significantly increased, showing a positive short-term effect of the program.

ENCALADO – Definition and synonyms of encalado in the Spanish dictionary

In the Southern temperate part of Chile, andisols are the dominant soil type. Meaning of “encalado” in the Spanish dictionary. However, P-Olsen gradually decreased after the first year, until it returned to its initial level.

Estudios de la Zona No Saturada del Suelo 7.