Arthur John Arberry FBA was a respected British orientalist. A prolific scholar of Arabic, Persian, and Islamic studies, he was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School and Pembroke College, Cambridge. His translation of the Qur’an into English, The Koran Interpreted, is one of the Texts chosen and translated by A.J. Arberry; introduction, notes and glossary. The Koran Interpreted has 19 ratings and 6 reviews. Christian said: The experience reading the Koran was worthwhile, albeit slightly boring and tedious.. . Koran Interpreted V. 1 has 6 ratings and 1 review. Darrell said: Taught a class on this reading about the what the Quran says about itself. seemingly 30%.

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The Koran Interpreted

The people were one nation; then God sent forth the Prophets, good tidings to bear and warning, and He sent down with them the Book with the truth, that He might decide between the people touching their differences; and only those who had been given it were at variance upon it, after the clear signs had come to them, being insolent one to another; then God guided those who believed to the truth, touching which they were at variance, by His leave; and God guides whomsoever He will to a straight srberry.

And if you do not — and you will not — then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, arbdrry for unbelievers. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ajj have such honourable rights as obligations, but their men have a degree above them; God is All-mighty, All-wise.

Full text of “Quran A J Arberry”

And believe in that I have sent down, confirming that which is with you, and be not the first to disbelieve in it. Whoso desires the reward of this world, We will give him of this; and whoso desires the reward of the other world, We will give him of that; and We will recompense the thankful. Etext was prepared by volunteers.

Then their Prophet said to them, ‘Verily God has raised up Saul for you as king. He only commands you to evil and indecency, and that you should speak against God such things as you know not. Ali Raza marked it as to-read Sep 02, Two years later an English version of this appeared, korzn the following curious title-page ‘The Alcoran of Mahomet, Translated out of Arabick into French.

Yea, Thou hearest prayer. Thus it came to pass that in the next translation of the Koran to appear, the work of the Rev J. He said, ‘Behold, I make you a leader for the people. Ashish Kumar marked it as to-read Jan 07, And kill not one another.


But those who disbelieve, and afberry disbelieving — upon them shall rest the curse of God and the angels, and of men altogether, therein dwelling forever; the chastisement shall not be lightened for them; no respite shall be given them. Great attention has been paid to this subject by Dr Weil in the work just mentioned; by Mr Muir in his Life of Mahomet, who also publishes a chronological list of Suras, 21 however of which he admits korwn “not yet been carefully fixed”; and especially by Noeldeke, in his Geschichte des Qorans, a work to which public honours were awarded in by the Paris Academy of Inscriptions.

And fear the Fire prepared for the unbelievers, and obey God and the Messenger; haply so you will find mercy.

The Koran Interpreted by A.J. Arberry

Inscribe us therefore with those who bear witness. And some there are of the People of the Book who believe in God, and what has been sent down unto you, and what has been sent down unto them, men humble to Aberry, not selling the signs of God for a small price; those — their wage is with their Lord; God is swift at the reckoning.

Surely in the creation of the zrberry and the earth and the alternation of night and day and the ship that runs in the sea with profit to men, and the water God sends down from heaven therewith reviving the earth after xj is dead and His scattering abroad in it all manner of crawling thing, and the turning about of the winds and the clouds compelled between heaven and earth — surely there are signs for a people having understanding.

Then We sent to her Our spirit, who took for her the form of a human being, shapely. Musa marked it as to-read Dec 02, Lord, we believe in that Thou hast sent down, and we follow the Messenger.

Not the least among its recommendations is, perhaps, that it is scholarly without being pedantic — that is to say, that it aims at correctness without sacrificing the right effect of the whole to over-insistence on small details. Aether added it Jan 15, I am the Messenger of God thy Lord, who shall give thee a Son, active, and prudent: The likeness of that they expend in this present life is as the likeness of a freezing blast that smites the tillage of a people who wronged themselves, and it destroyed that; God wronged them not, but themselves they wronged.


When Abraham said, ‘My Lord is He who gives life, and makes to die,’ he said, ‘I give life, and make to die. John Kaszyca rated it really liked it Aug 10, Xj you help in patience and prayer, for grievous it is, save to the humble who reckon that they shall meet their Lord and that unto Him they are returning.

Exactly four centuries later this mediaeval Latin version was punished at Basle, the editor being Theodor Bibliander Buchmann of Zurich. And let not either writer or witness be pressed; or if you do, that is ungodliness in you. These things only has He forbidden you: Open Preview See a Problem?

That will be better for you in your Creator’s sight, and He will turn to you; truly He turns, and is All-compassionate. And those that believe, and do deeds of righteousness — those are the inhabitants of Paradise; there they shall dwell forever. Nov 04, Ur Salem rated it liked it. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Oct 09, Whenever Zachariah went in to her in the Sanctuary, he found her provisioned. Jim added it Jul 05, But those who repent thereafter, and make amends — God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.

Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends, rather than the believers — for whoso does that belongs not to God in anything — unless you have a fear of them.

Knowest thou not that arrberry God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and that you have none, apart from God, neither protector nor helper?

For my own part I have preferred to indicate these terminations and connections by rounding off each succession of loose rhythms with a much shorter line.

Arthur John Arberry

Selected pages Title Page. The quasi-verse form, with its unfettered and irregular rhythmic flow of the lines, which has in suitable cases been adopted, helps to bring arbrry much of the wild charm of the Arabic. She said, What shall be the reward of him who seeketh to commit evil in thy family, but imprisonment, and a painful punishment? And they said unto her, O Mary, now hast thou done a strange thing: And shake the trunk of the palm-tree toward thee: Rizky Wahyujati rated it really liked it Aug 01,