In this article we will discuss about the design of core and coreless induction furnace. An improved form of core type furnace is Ajax-Wyatt vertical core type . ea1 ring induction type. CONSTRUCTION. OF FURNACE. The vertical-ring ioduction furnace makes use of the pat- sented Ajax-Wyatt heating element. VERTICAL CORE TYPE INDUCTION FURNACE Also known as AJAX-WYATT FURNACE. Vertical crucible is used for the charge. Bottom is usually V-shaped or .

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There are few large power consuming devices that have as smooth an operating curve as the vertical ring induction furnace.

In addition to the great advantage of applying this primary-on-secondary pressure beneficially, changing a “bucking” liability to an “assisting” asset to clear the channel quickly, reduce the temperature in the channel and correspondingly to reduce the temperature differential between the channel indcution the pool, I secure a decided benefit also in eliminating molten metal eddy currents such as are shown at 73, M1.

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As a rough analogy, pinch effect flow may be compared to the type of inductio produced in a flexible hose when the 30 walls are uniformly constricted from the outside. In other words, the shell type transformer produces a magnetic dam which.

Their fields, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise about its conductor, will therefore have the same direction at some points 61 between them and immediately inside the channel. Without repeating, in the description of the form of Figures 5 anax 7b, inclusive, the parts already described in relation to Figures fugnace to 4b, inclusive, it will be evident that the channel 38′ as seen in Ibduction 6 need not be of exactly the same contour as the channel 36 of Figure 2.

From Figure 8 it will be clear that the primaryon-secondary pressure of the prior art form having the shell type transformer tends to cause circulation directly counter to the secondary circulation in that part of the tube-constituting almost all of the tube-which lies below the transformer medial line and tends to cause circulation above that medial line in the same direction as the secondary-on-secondary circulation.

My construction gives a maximum advantage for the secondary-on-secondary stirring effect already described, both through concentration of electromagnetic effect at the V due to the transformer position linking the V and because of the elimination of the counter force represented in Figure 8 by arrow 68 due to primary-on-secondary force in the prior art form. Aajx both forms, likewise the coil surrounds the core and is located between the branches.

Single phase is preferable to polyphase, on account of its extreme simplicity. This was shown and discussed in my U. In an electric induction furnace, walls forming a crucible for a charge, walls forming a Vshaped single-conduit channel filled with molten charge when the furnace is in operation, communicating with the crucible and having the point of the V directed away from the crucible, a closed magnetic circuit individual to the channel surrounding the point of the V and passing through the spacing between the channel walls and a primary winding upon the portion of the closed magnetic circuit between the channel walls, the transformer being free from winding in proximity to the V.


Latest Articles A further purpose is to concentrate flux at the bend of a submerged channel angle having the point of the angle directed away from an electric induction furnace pool. A purpose of my invention is to improve the stirring in a submerged channel electric inductlon furnace. The edgepresented contour 59 of Figure 4a might also be used and somewhat less desirably the flat-presented contour 60 of Figure 4b could be employed. From the figure, it is clear that the coupling is loose and leakage reactance is high hence the power factor is low.

The force indicated by the arrow 69 directly helps to move molten metal toward the pool, but the force represented by the arrow 68 tends to move molten metal toward the point 39 where the branches of the channel meet.

inductio In an electric induction furnace, a crucible, walls forming a V-shaped single-conduit channel nearer to one side of the crucible pool than to the other side, communicating at its ends with the lower part of the crucible and having the point of the angle extending away from the inducton and a transformer having a rectangular core surrounding the bend of the V and having its sole excitation from a coil surrounding one leg of the core and inside the V.

The angle 44 of the V, which is the angle between the adjacent straight portions of the branches of the channel, may vary from the angle shown in Figure 2. However I have discovered and will elsewhere claim that a channel having a circular contour 58 as shown in Figure 4 is of special advantage in all angle type submerged channel furnaces, whatever the form or position of the transformer.

It will be understood that these are examples merely, and that considerable variation can be made in the type of contour used. Since whatever flow there may be, whether strong or weak, merges with the flow produced by my invention herein, my invention is beneficial whatever the pinch flow. The upward flow arrows 64′ is partly primary-on-secondary and partly secondary-on-secondary stirring.

Ajax Wyatt Vertical Core Furnace is used for melting and refining of non-ferrous metal like brass, copper and zinc. Therefore, Ajax Wyatt vertical core furnace is very suitable for continuous operation. The induction heating works on the transformer principle. The walls of the channel curve at 54 preferably around the same axis of curvature as that of the coil, and the straight portions 55 and 58 of the branches 37 and 38 of the submerged channel are preferably idnuction at 57 to the curved portion PubMed Articles by Adam, W.

Induction Heating | Ajax Wyatt Furnace

For the reasons above, beneficial effect of primary-on-secondary pressure upon the molten metal above the medial transformer line is much less than the injurious effect of the counter pressure in that part of the channel below the medial line. Google Scholar Articles by Adam, W. The secondary-on-secondary repulsion stirring is a very important aspect of any submerged channel induction furnace having an angle whose point is directed away from the charge, and is due to the presence of the angle.


Yet another disadvantage is that it requires low frequency 10 Hz supply which requires frequency changer, which involves extra cost.

The results of the tests made upon my invention are remarkable and convince me of the commercial feasibility of the furnace of my invention; not only for alloys of lower melting point, including brass relatively high in zinc, such as red brass, copper, but also for iron and steel. Aside from the theory, I find that the practical results obtained by my invention are highly desirable, in quicker and more efficient heating, better furnnace and much longer life of the-refractory in the submerged channel.

Standard sizes of these furnaces are 60 — KW, single phase 50 Hz working at ufrnace. The example of indirect induction heating is the indirect induction oven which is preferred over resistance oven due to its fine temperature indcution.

Thanks for sharing this informative article. InFigures 7, 7a and 7b, the same three channel cross sections are shown as are illustrated in Figures 4, 4a and 4b.

The Ajax‐Wyatt or Vertical Ring Induction Furnace

A further undesirable feature of th3 magnetic damming action is that, due to the high temperature differential between the submerged channel and the pool, molten metal in the channel is likely inducfion be vaporized, particularly where a high energy input into the furnace is employed. An improved form of core type induction furnace is Ajax Wyatt furnace. Search for related content.

Figure 1 is a top plan view of a furnace having a depending channel, made in accordance with my invention. The channel is effectively a V, whose bend is located at Aja the present invention, primary-on-secondary stirring still tends to send the charge in both directions along the channel from the point of concentration of flux, but this point is now the point 39 at which the branches of the channel meet, the same point at which the secondary-onsecondary forces are concentrated and from which they spring, and both stirring effects combine to send charge up the outside of each branch, no longer bucking one another.

I have discovered that the difficulties present in the use of the shell-type construction across. I read your post. A further purpose is to start primary-on-secondary ajwx in the submerged channel of an electric induction furnace at the same point at which secondary-on-secondary stirring is initiated. The reaction of one field upon the other will 6o tend to force the molten metal charge within the channel to follow the outside of the channel in moving away from the points of high field intensity 66 which is intensified under theIron core.