About this manual. This manual describes the operation of the ÄKTA™FPLC™ system. System description, system maintenance and trouble-shooting are also. filter. Sample pump. Buffer select valve (V6). Injection valve (V1). Reverse . Manual. Flowpath. B1 or B2. BufferValveB. Pump A. Pump B. Common inlet. A2. A1. About this manual This manual describes the operation of ÄKTA purifier: Evaluating the UV response Calculate the UV response ratios in the following.

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If tubing with smaller inner diameter is used, there is a risk that purifiwr back-pressure will be too high and the columns might rupture. Saved layouts can be applied to any result file. Replace the distribution plate yearly or when required. This is a base with only one pKa. Find the thermodynamic pKa by taking the apparent pKa and add the value, found in the table below, for the buffer concentration at which the apparent pKa purifeir been measured. Two small lugs on the cover locate in holes at the front and rear of the cell holder.

The four stock solutions consist of: Support Agreement purchased with the instrument: Remove all red tape holding capillaries and loops attached to valve INV Switch the valve back to position LOAD.

Refit the valve into the top slot in the attachment bracket. Up to 3 values pKa1- pKa3 can be entered for each buffering component. This is very convenient when repeating runs with minor adjustments. In the Results pane to the right, all result files are displayed.

Help us improve your experience by sending an error report. The volumetric accuracy and precision is that of the syringe. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available on request. The peak size is set to a volume Peak Fractionation Volume that is smaller than the actual peak volume.


ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Low eluent flow and noise as the piston moves 1 Replace or re-install the seal or membrane. The PID parameters should only be changed by experienced users. The Caution sign is used to call attention to instructions or conditions that must be followed to avoid damage to the product or other equipment.

If tubing with too large inner diameter is used, the aka will become broader than necessary. The separation unit of mannual chromatography system has two main modules which are stacked on each other. From this module you navigate through the control system. Both ends should now be in the flask 1.

ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences |

Click the right mouse button and select Maximize. The chapter also contains information about fraction collection, cold room operation, mixing gradients and feed back tuning. Always use the 0. After this date, we offer service upon availability of parts from our suppliers. Check for loose tubing connections. The values can be changed to suit your application. The relevant system specifications are listed below.

For exact ranges, check the buffer tables. Never lift the system by the valves. The installation test can also be used at any time to check the condition of the system, for example, after a prolonged stop. Adding information to the report 1 Click Edit Mode to enable changes in the report. When using the pH electrode, the flow restrictor FR must be replaced with the supplied flow restrictor FR The pKa values are shown in the list.


A second column appears with the values from the previous run copied. The fractionation order can be selected as serpentine-row, row-by-row, serpentine-column or column-by-column.

Properties from the System Control menu to select the curves to be displayed. The computer should be installed and used according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the computer. Pruifier used, the Union Luer connector replaces the injection fill port in port 3 of the injection valve. Installed from factory at delivery. Pump through at least 30 ml of buffer at the set pH to stabilize the pH.

A suitable action is to continue to the next block. If you are not using the separation unit for a few days, wash the flow path with distilled water. Two people are required to lift the system.

ÄKTApurifier – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The peak is then collected in either one fraction volume or in several, using the Peak Fractionation Volume parameter. This will be a negative value for an acid, 0 for a akat. Superloop 10 ml and Superloop 50 ml must not be used at pressures above 4 MPa 40 bar, psi.

Add your deviation to these to obtain the correct value. The CU should be attached to the left side of the system.

The gradient is held at the value displayed and the pump continues to run. Please contact an authorized representative of the manufacturer for information concerning the decommissioning of equipment. A number of pages appear as in the Run Setup in the Method Editor. Specified for 10 mm flow cell 2.