Imam Abu Ja`far al-Tahawi: Text & Translation Imam Abu Ja`far al-Tahawi ( ) can be said to represent the creed of both Ash`aris and Maturidis. al-‘Aqeedah al-Tahhaawiyyah is a book dealing with ‘aqeedah (basic tenets of faith) which was written by Imam al-Tahhaawi and named after. Al-Aqeedah al-Tahawiyyah: The Creed of Imaam Al-Tahawi. al-ʿAqīdah aṭ- Ṭaḥāwiyya or “The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed by the Imām.

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And Allaah knows best.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

Bringing creation into existence did not add anything to His attributes that was not already there. Everybody acts in accordance with what is destined for him and goes towards what he has been created for.

Al-Mi’raj the Ascent through the heavens is true. We agree with doing the prayer behind tahawiyywh of the people of the qiblah whether right-acting or wrong-acting, and doing the funeral prayer over any of them when they die.

They call them faculties and parts, and deny that Allaah possesses them. In his delusory attempt to investigate the Unseen, he is seeking a secret that can never be uncovered, and he ends up an evil-doer, telling al-aqeedag but lies. Allah the Exalted says: We say with belief, acceptance and submission that Allah took Ibrahim as an intimate friend and that He spoke directly to Musa.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We believe in what we know of Karamat, the marvels of the awliya’ and in authentic stories about them from trustworthy sources. This page was last edited on 12 Augustat So be extremely careful about thinking and reflecting on this matter or letting doubts about it assail you, because Allah has kept knowledge of the decree away from human beings, and forbidden them to enquire about it, saying in His Book, ‘He is not asked about what He does but they are asked’.

It is the speech of Allah and no speech of any created being is comparable to it.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikipedia

We ask forgiveness for the people of wrong action among the believers and, although we are afraid for them, we are not in despair about them.

Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid https: Then he mentioned some of the portents of the Hour and what will happen on the Day of Resurrection, then he ended his essay with tahawityah discussion of how this religion is the middle path, between exaggeration and falling short.

Belief of a man in the ‘seeing of Allah by the people of the Garden is not correct if he imagines what it is like, or interprets it according to his own understanding since the interpretation of this seeing’ or indeed, the meaning of any of the subtle phenomena which are in the realm of Lordship, is by avoiding its interpretation and strictly adhering to the submission.


We do not make any distinction between any of the messengers, we accept as true what all of them brought. tahawiyuah

Anyone who desires to know things which it is beyond his capacity to know, and whose intellect is not content with surrender, will find that his desire veils him from a pure understanding of Allah’s true unity, clear knowledge and correct belief. Al-Shifa’ah, the intercession, which is stored up for Muslimsis true, as al-aqeeedah in the consistent and confirmed Ahadith.

He also described what Ahl-al-Sunnah believe with regard to the noble Sahaabah may Allaah be pleased with themand that loving them is part of Islam, faith and ihsaan, and that hating them is tahawiytah, hypocrisy and sin.

Sharh Al-Aqeedah At-Tahawiyyah – English – Abu Jafar at-Tahawi

Tabawiyyah with non-numeric dates. We follow the Sunnah of the Prophet and the Jama’ah of the Muslims, and avoid deviation, differences and divisions. This capability is integral with action, whereas the capability of an action in terms of having the necessary health, and ability, being in a position to act and having the necessary means, exists in a person before the action.

He was one of the trustworthy, sincere and a haafiz.

And if all created beings were to gather together to make something exist which Allah had not written on it, they would not be able to do so. And that he is the seal of the prophets and the Imam of the godfearing and the most honoured of all the messengers and the beloved of the Lord of all the Worlds. And Qira’at al-Kitab, reading the book, and the reward or punishments and in al-Sirat the Bridge and al-Mizan the Balance.

We bear witness that the ten who were named by the Messenger of Allah, tahawityah Allah bless him and grant him peace, and who were promised the Garden by him, will be in the Garden, as the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant ar peace, whose word is truth, bore witness that they would he. Allah ennobled him in the way that He ennobled him and revealed to him what He revealed to him, ‘and his heart was not mistaken about what it saw’ al-Najm They are certain that it is, in truth, the word of Allah.


It is tahawiiyyah and brief. The Garden and the Fire are created things that never come to an end and we believe aat Allah created them al-aqqeedah the rest of creation and then created people to inhabit each of them. We do not enter into vain talk about Allah nor do we allow any dispute about the religion Of Allah.

The only will that people have is what He wills for them. We love the Companions of the Messenger of Allah but we do not go to excess in our love for any one individual among them nor do we disown gahawiyyah one of them. Nor do we say that the wrong action of a man who has belief does not have a harmful effect on him.

It is necessary for the servant to know that Allah already knows everything that is going to happen in His creation and hits decreed it in a detailed and decisive way.

He was praised by more than one of the scholars: Nothing can annul or controvert them. Everything happens according to Allah’s will, knowledge, predestination and decree. We love the people of justice and trustworthiness, and hate the people of injustice and treachery. All those who grasp this will take heed and refrain from saying things such as the unbelievers say, and they will know that He, in His attributes, is not like human beings.

He is the one who has been sent to all the jinn and all mankind with truth and guidance and with light and illumination. This is because He has the power to do everything, everything is dependent al-aqeedaah Him, everything is easy for Him, and He does not need anything. We believe in the punishment in the grave for those who deserve it, and in the questioning in the grave by Munkar and Nakir about one’s Lord, one’s religion and one’s prophet, as has come down in ahadith from the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and in reports from the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them al-aqeedau.

We do not say that any of them will categorically go to either the Garden or the Fire, and we do not accuse any of them of kutr disbeliefshirk associating partners with Allahor nifaq hypocrisyas long as they have not al-aqedah demonstrated any of those things.