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hockey player profile of Aleksandar Medvedev, Serbia. Most recently in the Serbia with HK Vitez. Complete player biography. Tajne Biblije [Aleksandar Medvedev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Najveci svetski bestseler medju knjigama – Biblija zaokuplja paznju. 47 M. Medvedev, “Projekti iarhitektura Aleksandra I. Medvedeva” [The Projects and Architecture of Aleksandar I. Medvedev], Arhitektura i urbanizam 8 ().

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As I have already told the Prime Minister, this is a major, substantive visit. It seems to me that this is very good, that this benefits Russian-Serbian cooperation, our relations. We warmly welcome you. Of course, our languages are similar, but they are different. Thank you, although this is not entirely true.

I understand everything perfectly well, but do not speak correctly. I believe that our relations, our relations of friendship and cooperation, will be even better in future, if this is even possible. Thank you once again. They were successful because they were friendly, and this fully describes our bilateral relations and their history.

I hope they will remain friendly in the future.

You have witnessed the signing of many documents. Some of them are more specific, while others are more like memoranda. However I hope that these will be filled with practical content during their implementation. We regularly meet with our partners from Serbia.

Our friends and partners attended international events. This time the Republic of Serbia will be our guest of honour at this forum, and we are very glad about this.

In addition to exchanging information on current affairs, we focused on promoting bilateral economic ties. Regarding our trade with our Serbian partners, it is primarily due to declining energy prices, because oil and gas still alrksandar for a significant portion of our trade.

Global aleksaandar volatility and exchange rate fluctuations also play a role in this. Nevertheless, there are areas in which our relations are progressing, and none of us is dramatising these positions.

On the contrary, we believe that we are moving forward in several areas. Cooperation in agriculture received a boost last year, which is due to political decisions, among other things. Last year, imports of agricultural products from Serbia to Russia grew by 70 percent. I hope our partners will manage to consolidate their positions, because sanctions will not last forever, and those who have taken someone else’s place are usually reluctant to give it back, which we will medveedv welcome.

In addition, we have consultation mechanisms in place to overcome all sorts of economic problems, and promote cooperation, in particular, the Intergovernmental Russian-Serbian Committee on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation. I hope our partners will medverev this work, and will bring new areas to this cooperation.


Notably, we have preserved the old cooperation mechanisms. Of course, they are not something that will be in place forever. Major infrastructure projects are another aleksandat means of promoting our relations.

We spoke about this in detail today. We have many such projects with Serbia, primarily in the sphere of energy. The fact that our joint venture — Oil Industry of Serbia — has become the regional leader in the Balkans is a case in point. We have resolved all kinds of debts and difficulties of the enterprise in the process, which is also a welcome development. The company operates in the sphere of oil production, refining and petrochemistry. We also continue to work to ensure the stability of gas supplies.

Ukraine stopped delivery of gas

We apprised our Serbian friends about such ideas in detail again. In addition to energy, we participate in a number of other projects, including transport infrastructure. I hope that cooperation in this sphere will continue. Cultural ties are of particular importance for our countries.

Alexander Medvedev

All of our instruments and institutions are operational, including the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre, as well as a number of other projects. We will continue to support these projects. We will expand alekssandar contacts in the sphere of education as well. The agreement on mutual recognition of education certificates and academic degrees between the two countries came into force this year.

The number of Serbian students in Russia is rising steadily, which is good, as is the number of those who want to learn Russian. But it’s not just that we speak sister languages.

As you know, Serbia and Russia maintain traditional friendly relations. Serbia is sincerely grateful to the Russian Federation for its help and protection of Serbia’s vital interests in the UN Security Council, as well as for its genuine, friendly support in UNESCO, where Serbia is protecting the preservation of its churches, monasteries and historical monuments, its past and its future. We believe that Serbia has also showed its friendly attitude toward Russia, which is undergoing hard times.

Serbia remained one of the few European countries that, despite numerous demands from the whole world, did not impose any sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Serbia will continue to pursue such policy in the future. Today we discussed all important, global issues, but above all, we agreed on further development of our economic relations. Serbia will pay off all its debts to the Russian Federation, primarily to Gazprom, earlier than expected, which clearly points to the improvement of our budget and our desire to build relations with Russia on a sincere and responsible basis.


And the last thing I’ll say in Russian.

I hope he will come next year. We held talks on various spheres, primarily the development of our economic ties in agriculture, where our cooperation is a great success.

I was proud to hear at our joint lunch that Mr Medvedev had Serbian yogurt. We believe we can alesandar a lot in order to occupy a bigger share of the Russian market.

Our ministers discussed this today. We can develop cooperation in all areas. Russian Railways plays a very important role in transportation. We are investing in our railways for the first time in 30 years, and are achieving better and better results. We are ready to invite Russian companies to build infrastructure facilities. It seems that the doors for our companies are also open in Russia.

Aleksandar Vučić – Wikipedia

Today we held a business forum. It was attended by a huge number of Serbian companies. We discussed energy issues and many other economic topics, and our future looks bright. We spoke about ways of increasing our exports to Russia because we have a deficit due to heavy energy imports.

We discussed prospects for Russian equipment repairs in Serbia. I think we are about to sign an agreement with Gazprom on expanding the Banat Yard gas depot to one billion cubic metres.

With this expansion, we want to become a giant in terms of gas storage. I am very grateful for the defence of our interests upon our request to our Russian friends. I look forward to seeing Mr Medvedev in Belgrade, but I expect a lot of concrete achievements before that.

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Signing documents following Russian-Serbian talks 27 October Signing documents following Russian-Serbian talks. Government of the Russian Federation. As much as 90 percent of our deliveries were produced in the member states.

Overall, the volume of our foreign trade has increased by 22 percent, mostly thanks to our exports, which exceeded the volume of imported goods. All content on this site is licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution 4.