Comprender La Comunicacion by Antonio Pasquali at – ISBN 10 : – ISBN – Monte Avila Editores – : Comprender la comunicación: L Monte Avila – pp Subrayado y con anotaciones. S. Antonio Pasquali is the author of Comunicacion y Cultura de Masas ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews), Comprender La Comunicacion ( avg rating, 4.

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Sao Paulo, Cortez, The quality of the book makes it an inavaluable material for teaching scriptwriting. Historical approach to mass media considering the development from the printing press to satellites and computers. Theoretical considerations as well as political, economic and social relations are shown. A pedagogical perpective to communication planning from a Latin American perpective.

Important contribution to communication theory pasquwli a psychological perspective emphasizing its educational dimension.

It stresses how TV constructs reality and transforms ways of life and understanding. It considers organizational behavior and environments, communication networks and organizational development and innovation. A very clear and pedagogical approach to layout planning and design. Simple handbook which explains the different elements that must be considered in journalism interpretation. Aug 29 – Although semiotics as well as Eco’s work has been in advance, the book is still very useful since it carefully describes basic semiotic categories.

This book of the British researcher describes communication and art within social organisations. Sao Paulo, Atica, This book, as a historical document, is essential for understanding communication and development processes.


This limited perspective on research has been one of the most critical problems for academic research in our schools.

It is an important text for learning about television and the different aspects that influence its productions. Periodismo y lucha de clases. Un de Sao Paulo, Benveniste’s new perspective places linguistics in the realm of the communication process. First published in one volumethen expanded to four dedicaded to: Critical analysis of TV within a social contex and proposals for alternative pzsquali.

Mutaciones Bastardas de la Comunicación: conferencia de apertura, IAMCR | The Polio Network

Analysis of advertizing and social change. Books Previous Chapter Chapter 8: Philosophy and methodology of social sciences describing the antonnio implied in a scientific research. Analysis of Brazil’s workers’ press showing its development from being an anarchic syndicalist movement to an organized institution today. This book written in paqsuali seventies is a clear example of the “ideology” approach to media in which journalism is seen as propaganda.

Three volumes of articles reffered to communication with a multidisciplinary approach. Email Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature.

The first one deals with communication theories considering mathematical, linguistical, sociological and psychological contributions; the second one refers to the elements present in communication processes and the third discusses different types of communication mass, interpersonal, intercultural and its relation to cultural development.

  DSHEA 1994 PDF

Sep 5 – This is an important contribution in which linguistic and semiotic categories are used for expalining communication reception. This enlarged and revised edition of the book originally published in is an excellent introduction to communication theory.

Various articles analyzing communication theoretical and methodological construction in Latin America. An interesting analysis of TV in its ludic and spectacular dimension.

Well known French scholar who lived in Latin America analyzes the dangers and aggressions of space ownership in relation to satelites and worldwide communications. A classic of the “communication effect” theory which considers TV as one of the principal social influences of this century.

The book discusses marketing planning and its techniques considering social and psychological influences. Scientific approach to communication: Comment on question two – women HIV leadership.

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The links below lead to knowledge filtered for the focus of this theme site space. Communication for Social Change? Communication ethics in a latin american context.