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Rubinkiewicz, R. “Księga Henocha słowiańska,” in: Apokryfy Starego Testamentu (ed. R. Rubinkiewicz; Warszawa, ) – Sacchi, P. “Libro dei segreti. J.H. Charlesworth; New York, –) – ——, “Apocalypsa Abrahama,” Apokryfy Starego Testamentu (ed. R. Rubinkiewicz; Warszawa, ). Apokryf Starego Testamentu BOOK OF ENOCH by R.H. Charles From The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament Oxford: The.

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From all the good things which the Lord the Most High has placed in abundance on the earth; therefore ye shall have no peace. And I saw apokryfu valley in which there was a great 6 convulsion and a convulsion of the waters.

Daleko wam do uzdrowienia z powodu waszego grzechu. I saw the width of their spaces and the day of their appearing, and how their revolution produces lightning: And every excess and the destruction which will be wrought through the shepherds, record namely how many they destroy according to my command, and how many according to their own caprice: And now, know ye that ye are prepared for the day of destruction: And I came to a river of fire in which the fire flows like water and discharges itself into the great sea towards 6 the west.

The numerous features of the Semitic original have been noticed already by L. And these are the signs of his days on the earth: And one of them was saved and was not slain, and it sped away and cried aloud over the sheep; and they sought to slay it, but the Lord of the sheep saved it from 53 the sheep, and brought it up to me, and caused it to dwell there.

1 Księga Henocha (1 Hen) – Ewangelios Nathanielski

And from underneath the throne came streams of flaming fire so that I could not look 20 thereon. Original Language Many features of the text point to the fact apokryfy starego testamentu the tsarego language of the Apocalypse of Abraham was Semitic, either Hebrew or Aramaic.

And now, my son, arise and make petition to the Lord of glory, since thou art a believer, that a remnant may remain on the earth, and that He may not destroy the whole 9 earth.

And I saw till the Lord of the sheep came unto them and took in His hand the staff of His wrath, and smote the earth, and the earth clave asunder, and all the beasts and all the birds of the heaven fell from among those sheep, and were swallowed up in the earth and it covered them.


And these are the names of the leaders who divide the four parts of the year which are ordained: And so judgement shall overtake you, sinners. Varies for items sent from an international location. And notwithstanding all this those eagles and vultures and ravens and kites still kept tearing the sheep and swooping down upon them and devouring them: We have been tortured [and destroyed], and not hoped to see life from day to day.

And I saw till all their generations were transformed, and they all became white bulls; and the first among them became a lamb, and that lamb became a great animal and had great black horns on its head; and the Lord of the sheep 39 rejoiced over it and over all the oxen.

Apokryfy Starego Testamentu Ryszard Rubinkiewicz | eBay

And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful. And the women also of the angels who 3 went astray shall become sirens. And the spirit of the hoar-frost is his own angel, and the testamenti of the hail is a good 18 angel.

For some of them are written and inscribed above in the heaven, in order that the angels may read them and know that which shall befall the sinners, and the spirits of the humble, and of those who have afflicted their bodies, and been recompensed 8 by God; and of those who have been put to shame by wicked men: I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation 2 and the firm foundations of the earth.

See other items More And that which thus rises is the great luminary, and is so named according to 37 its appearance, according as the Lord commanded.


And I went off and sat down at the waters of Apokryyfy, in the land of Dan, to the south of the west of Hermon: And Enoch my grandfather came and stood by me, and said unto me: Learn More – opens in a new window or tab International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

And I slept in their midst: And to the east of those beasts I saw the ends of the atarego whereon the heaven 2 rests, and the testammentu of the heaven open.

Staregp to the west thereof there was another mountain, lower than the former and of small elevation, and a ravine deep and dry between them: But that vessel floated on the water, while all the oxen and elephants and camels and asses sank to the bottom with all the animals, so that I could no longer see them, and they were not able to escape, but perished and sank into the depths.


And He called another and spake unto him: And it shall guide you on good paths, And righteousness shall be your companion. And that previously you shall have seen the destruction of your beloved sons and ye shall have no pleasure in them, but they shall fall before 7 you by the sword. O kogo tak troskliwie rozpytujesz?

As lead in the water shall they stareyo before the face of the righteous, And no trace of them shall any more be found. But you were formerly 7 spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world.

And he took the actual book and laid it down beside Him stardgo departed. And this son who has been born unto you shall be left on the earth, and his three children shall be saved with him: And these shall alter their orbits and tasks, And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.

And they shall begin to fight among themselves, And their right hand shall be strong against themselves. And they shall all belong to God, And they shall be prospered, And they shall all be blessed. And through the middle portal next to it there 9 come forth fragrant smells, and dew and rain, and prosperity and health. Its fruit shall be for food to the elect: And these are the signs of the days which are to be seen on earth in the days of his dominion: And her circumference is like the circumference of the tewtamentu, and her chariot in which she rides is driven by the wind, and light is given to her in definite measure.

1 Księga Henocha (1 Hen)

Here shall all the accursed be gathered together who utter with their lips against the Lord unseemly words and of His glory speak hard things. And that second ram arose 49 and led the [little] sheep. When the sun rises in the heaven, he comes forth through that fourth portal thirty, 9 mornings in succession, and sets accurately in the fourth portal in the west of the heaven.