No Dt Service regulations of. APSEB. No Dt and. No Dt APSEB pension rules. to APSEB. (Revised) Conduct Regulations -Orders -Issued. -~ ~~-~-~~-~-~ in the service All Deputy General Managers/P&G Services/SPDCL/Tirupati. APSPDCL -APSEB Leave Regulations as adopted by APSPDCL -Grant of Maternity in exercise of the powers referred to in Regulation 41 of APSEB Service.

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On that basis the 2nd respondent observed that the period of absence of the petitioner from October 11, upto February 28, was unauthorised absence for a continuous period of more than one year, thereby attracting the provisions of the said Regulation 28 3and sought the explanation of the petitioner as to why he should not be deemed to have resigned from the service of the Board with effect from October 11, in terms of the said Regulation 28 3.

Raghavaiah during his tenure as Addl. We may also point out that in the present case the respondents applied Regulation 28 3 of Part I of the Service Regulations after giving reasonable opportunity to the petitioner and no question of proportionality of punishment arises.

Apseb service regulations part iii republican can

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. I have posted my leave application dated October 10, from Macherla on October 11, A copy of this letter was filed by the petitioner himself along with the affidavit in support of the present Writ Petition and it was also referred to in Memo dated March 21, of the 2nd respondent served on the petitioner.

The People of the State of Michigan enact: The nature of my sickness has not permitted to make a leave application in advance and obtain permission and then proceed on leave. In the light of the above facts, I request to kindly post me early to indoor duties or if it is not possible, I may be permitted to make a further representation on all the grounds apsfb.


apseb conduct regulations

In addition to the statutory provisions, the. As per ESI Act.

In Memo dated October 27, the 2nd respondent observed as follows: Eegulations clearly belies the contention of the accused that he proceeded on leave on application. That was considered by the 2nd respondent as per his Memo dated October 27,wherein it was also mentioned that an oral enquiry was held and the petitioner’s deposition was also recorded on May 15, Determination of pay and regulztions and conditions 5. Functions Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals.

Examining the order of the 1st respondent in the light of the above decisions, we are satisfied that it was not made in a mechanical way or without application of mind.

It is the end-users responsibility to do the following prior to the contractor providing services: As per orders issued in T. I submit to kindly make a detailed study about this point and make justice to me.

In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article of the Constitution and in supersession of. It has been provided to assist the Subordinate.

In State of U. On your representation dated December 27, requesting for change in the place of posting you were given an opportunity by the Superintending Engineer twice to appear before him in person which you have failed to avail the opportunity on both the occasions. Choudhary, learned Counsel for the Petitioner, is that the charges were vague, particularly Charge VI, which related to the unauthorised absence of the petitioner from duty for more than one year.

Restriction on application not-for-profit More information. The requirements of natural justice depend upon the facts and circumstances of the case, the nature of the enquiry, the rules under which the Tribunal is acting, the subject matter to be dealt with and so on.


Raghavaiah, former AAE E1 has indulged in unauthorised absence exceeding one year period and consequently attracts the provisions under Reg. Delegation of powers to Addl. Observing that the prime issue for consideration was whether the absence of the petitioner with effect from October 11, for more than one year was unauthorised, the 2nd respondent dealt with that aspect of the matter as follows: Sub Engineer cadre formation w. Petitioner’s regulatons to the 1st respondent regulatoins dismissed under the impugned Memo dated March 25, The board terms of reference of the Committee are:.

In the said Memo the petitioner was also asked to submit his explanation for the punishment proposed therein. Summary Please sign up to view Summary.

Apseb service regulations part iii republican

Supreme Court Of India11 Mar Sanction of study leave BP Ms. This Rule embodies a principle which is one of the basic contents of a reasonable or adequate opportunity for defending oneself.

From April 1, onwards to till date I am waiting for the orders It is also stated that as the enquiry was conducted by the disciplinary authority himself, there was no separate report of the enquiry officer and that Memo dated October 27, given by the 2nd respondent to the petitioner contained all the reasons for arriving at the provisional conclusions of the 2nd respondent mentioned therein.

Observing that the prime issue for consideration was whether the absence of the petitioner with effect from October 11, for more than one year was unauthorised, the 2nd respondent dealt with that aspect of the matter as follows:.