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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This revision deletes manpower issues, modifies Selection Board procedures, requires career manag eme n t planning, clarifies co mman d leadership ass i gnmen t policy, and modifies Certificate of Understanding and Consent. Impact on New Manning System. This regulation does not contain information that affects the New Manning System.

This regulation is subject to the re- quirements of AR 1 1 – 2. It contains internal control provisions, but does not contain checklists for conducting internal control reviews. These checklists are being developed and will be published at a later date. Interim changes to this regulation are not official unless they are authenticated by the Executive, NGB. Users will destroy interim changes on their expiration dates unless sooner superseded or rescinded.

Contents Listed by paragraph number 1 Chapter 1 Introduction Purpose. Explanation of abbreviations and terms. Separation for cause and procedures. Elimination or downgrade of SPMD position. Glossary 20 February Chapter 1 Introduction Purpose a. Local supplementation of this regulation is not authorized unless approved by Chief, National Guard Bureau. Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary.

This will be done personally by unit commanders. This will include, as a minimum the professional development requirements the soldier must complete and the time frame for completion. Additional initial eligibility requirements Applicants must meet the following additional requirements: ARmedical examinations chap 24or 5as applicable will be accomplished at an active military medical facility or Military Examination and Processing Station MEPSI within the 24 months before initial entry.

Rucker AL, will be used if administered within the 18 months before initial entry. Human Immuno Deficiency Virus HIV testing for all soldiers will be accomplished within 6 months prior to initial entry.

Pregnancy testing for female soldiers will be accomplished 30 days prior to initial entry. Aviators entering FTNGD from Active Military Service without ra break in service must complete an chapter 4 retention ARflight physical within 18 months preceding initial entry. Enlisted soldiers must meet reenlistment or extension standards in NGRchapter 7.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Soldiers must 37-140-3 at least 3 years remaining on current enlistment on first day of initial AGR tour. Applicants must reenlist or extend in order to meet this requ i remen t. Waiver of physical exam requirements in paragraph a will be considered by NGB-ARS on a case-by-case basis only in unique circumstances.

Section I I Procedures Submission of applications In addition to the provisions of AR paragraph the following requirements apply: As a minimum, the following forms and documents will be required from all applicants: A letter of recommendation or performance evaluation will be submitted on soldiers not requiring an NCOER.

Any of the following documents may be used: Records of applicants will be screened by the AGR Management Section prior to submission to the selection board.

Applicants who do 3-7104-3 meet eligibility requirements and whose L n a m e s are not submitted to the selection board will be notified with a letter of explanation NLT 30 days after final selection.


Selection boards Ae purpose of convening a selection board is to create a nonpartisan panel to fairly and thoroughly examine applicant’s credentials irrespective of race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.

In addition to the ra of AR paragraph the following requirements apply: The Adjutant General or a member of his primary staff as defined in this regulation will direct the appointing of the selection board at the 06 Colonel or higher command level, commensurate 5 with the positions being boarded, provide administrative guidance to the board president, and approve or disapprove the proceedings of the board.

Boards will be composed as f 01 lows: This may be waived by The Adjutant General i f a senior en1 istedfemale, or minority member is not reasonably 37-04-3. This may be waived by The Adjutant General if a senior member of that branch is not reasonably available.

Static boards with a fixed membership will not be established.

The Adjutant General will prescribe the 37-1044-3 of service for board members. Personal appearance by applicants before the board is authorized and encouraged but not required. Other than personal appearances by applicants for the purpose of interviewing, the selection board will conduct all proceedings in closed session.

Applicants being considered are assumed to meet the minimum eligibility criteria on the basis of initial AGR Management Section screening. The selection board will select the best qualified soldier to f i l l each vacant authorized AGR position. This OML will be used to select an applicant i f the best qualified soldier becomes disqualified.

If used, the OML is limited to five soldiers.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy

The MOI will include the composition of the board, necessary administrative support and Adjutants General guidance on the conduct of the board. Announcement or individual disclosures of the board proceedings will not be made prior to TAG approval. The checklist used to verify initial eligibility will be i. Subsequent periods of duty for officers will be of indefinite duration. Enlisted soldier periods of duty will coincide with their enlistment or reenlistment agreements, or extension of an enlistment or reenlistment agreement.

The Active Guard/ Reserve (AGR)

Use format for subsequent periods of duty. Use format to reassign AGR commissioned and warrant officers within an ARNG unit when the reassignment does not involve a change of duty station. Reassign enlisted soldiers within a unit when the reassignment does not involve a change of duty station using DA Form Personnel Action. Use format to transfer AGR soldiers when the transfer does change of duty not involve a station.

AGR soldiers will not be reassigned during the first 18 months of their initial tour, except in the event of mobilization or force structure changes. AGR soldiers will receive an orientation briefing within 3 0 days after reporting on their initial tour or new duty station. As a minimum, semi-annual updates covering requirements, benefits, and entitlements of the AGR program will be published and distributed to each AGR soldier, with a briefing every 2 years. Career management positions are designated as enlisted positions SSG and above, all warrant officer positions, and commissioned officer positions Major and above.

Adjutants General may designate officer, warrant officer, and enlisted positions as excepted career management positions. Vacant, authorized AGR positions not selected for career management f i l l will be advertised. Selection procedures in paragraph 2 – 5 will be followed.

The Active Guard/ Reserve (AGR)

AGR soldiers will be counseled by their unit commanders or supervisors on the potential for career advancement, to include civilian and military education, probability of PCS moves, and professional development requirements.


Utilization In AR addition to the requirements in 1 3 5 – 1 8 paragraphs 3 – l c and 32a 21 a1, 31, the following provisions apply: See paragraph 1 – l b. Duty hours should not exceed a normal eight hour working day, except where short term mission requirements dictate. Orders in NGR 3 1 0 – 1 0 will be used to authorize travel of AGR soldiers performing duty at locations other than their permanent duty stations.

States will publish a policy that emphasizes this restriction. Compensatory time off for duties performed in excess of established working hours is not authorized. However, soldiers who earn the privilege may be granted a special pass IAW AR 6 3 0 – 5paragraph They must be on leave for the duration of the state mission. Those who are not on leave will pay any State pay and allowances to the servicing FAO. Adjutants General may conditionally assign soldiers to other positions provided such soldiers have potento become qualified within 12 b Soldiers who do not qualify within 12 months will be reassigned to positions for which they are qualified or separated from the AGR program.

These soldiers will not then be reassigned to other positions for which they are not qualified. Speciality substi- tution is authorizedappendix E. When identifying TDA positions the paragraph and line number must be within the same directorate and functional area e. Military grades specified on the SPMD will not be exceeded. Supervision and evaluation a. The senior FTS soldier assigned to an organization will be assigned supervisory responsibilities IAW the following provisions: A copy of FTS rating schemes will be posted on unit bulletin boards, and a separate copy forwarded to the SPMO, who has responsibility for monitoring compliance.

Special passes will be documented and approved at battalion level or higher. Special passes should be granted to deserving Soldiers in recognition of exceptional performance of duty or other circumstances that warrant time away from duties. Passes will not be approved for periods when. AGR soldiers are required to be at their duty stations e.

Ensure that transition leave, formerly called terminal is used to the maximum exleave, tent allowed by AR Adjutants General may approve convalescent leave from days on recommendation of hospital Professional Development General Professional development is the joint responsibility 37-104-33 AGR soldiers, their commanders and supervisors.

Each soldier will be provided an opportunity to complete education requirements through attendance at Active Component schools and the National Guard Professional Education Center.

Command and leadership assignments are vital to providing leadership experience for AGR soldiers. The Command and Leadership Program is not intended to provide full-time commanders or leaders for units. A new requiement is incurred upon promotion and must also be completed within 3 years. Extensions are authorized only when failure to complete requirements is not the fault of the soldier. Additional extensions will not be granted. The 3-year period begins the date they become eligible.

Scheduling of AGR soldiers for required schools is the responsibility of the soldier, commander, and supervisor. Command and leadership assign- ments a.