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Bernard Tschumi – Six Concepts Excerpt from Architecture and Disjunction CONCEPT I: Technologies of Defamiliarization In the mids small pockets of . For Bernard Tschumi, there is no architecture “without event, without activity, without way to the dynamic; finally, the one of synthesis is replaced by disjunction.

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Dining function in the Rotunda form is not quite equivalent to reading or swimming in it.

Architecture and Disjunction by Bernard Tschumi

The essays develop different themes in contemporary theory as they relate to the actual making of architecture, attempting to realign the discipline with a new world culture characterized by both discontinuity and heterogeneity. Tschumi’s discourse has always been considered radical and disturbing.

The same could be said of much of Sergei Eisenstein’s theory of film montage. And however much they are subverted, something ultimately resists. I do not believe it is possible, nor does it make sense, to design buildings that formally attempt to blur traditional structures, that is, that display forms that lie somewhere between abstraction and figuration, or between structure and ornament, or that are cut-up and dislocated for esthetic reasons.

But what does this hierarchy mean today, when the structure often remains the same — an endlessly repetitive and neutralized grid?

Tschumi has gathered bernars of the pristine and untouchable facets of a traditional architectural form and theory, turning his piercing and intense beam of light upon their crystalline surfaces until they shatter. Superimposition This questioning of structure leads to a particular side of contemporary architectural debate, namely deconstruction. He opposes modernist ideology and postmodern nostalgia since both impose restrictive criteria on what may be deemed “legitimate” cultural conditions.

Architecture in the megalopolis may be more about finding unfamiliar solutions to problems than about the quieting, comforting solutions of the establishment community.

What berjard wonderful swimming pool the Rotunda would be! Here all hierarchical relationships between form and function cease to exist.

Tschumi | Collection Frac Centre

It dismantled concepts and became a remarkable conceptual tool, but it could not address the one thing that makes the work of architects ultimately different from the work of philosophers: If the new, mediated world echoed and reinforced our dismantled reality, maybe, just maybe, one should take advantage of such dismantling, celebrate fragmentation by celebrating the culture of differences, by accelerating and intensifying the loss of certainty, of center, of history.


Avant-garde theorist and architect Bernard Tschumi is equally well known for his writing and his practice. Caufield rated it really liked it Jun 15, Madness and the Combinative. Just as there is a logic of words bednard of drawings, tschjmi is a logic of materials, and they are not the same.

Bob Rayes rated it it was amazing Jun 02, architectude The condition of New York and the chaos of Tokyo are thus perceived as legitimate urban forms. Arcchitecture and try again. I would like to point out that Benjamin’s analysis corresponds exactly to the historical and philosophical dilemma of architecture.

Calling for more inclusion of the irrational, Tschumi discusses the sensual aspects of space through sexual analogy: Feb 20, Devin rated it really liked it.

Architecture is not about the conditions of design, but about the design of conditions that will dislocate the most traditional and regressive aspects of our society and simultaneously reorganize these elements in the arcbitecture liberating way, where our experience becomes the experience of events organized and strategized through architecture.

Bader Alshawaf rated it really liked it Aug 02, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Lists with This Book. Tokyo and New York only appear chaotic.

Bernard Tschumi

My library Help Advanced Book Search. You may think I’m being facetious, but in today’s world where railway stations become museums and churches become nightclubs, a point is being made: Architecture was seen as the disjuction of spaces, events, and movements without any hierarchy or precedence among these concepts.

This is what our cities must strive towards and what we architects must help them to achieve by intensifying the rich collision of events and spaces.

Tschumi’s discourse has always been considered radical and disturbing. This will not happen by imitating the past and eighteenth century ornaments.

Included are a number of seminal essays that incited broad attention when they first appeared in magazines and journals, as well as more recent and topical texts. I would like to concentrate on that second view.


Architecture and Disjunction

It also will not happen by simply commenting, through design, on the various dislocations and uncertainties of our contemporary condition. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The structure must stand firm. Yes, fiction and narrative fascinated many architects, perhaps because, our enemies might say, we knew more about books than about buildings.

To quote Leon Battista Alberti: Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Johnathon Evans rated it really liked it Dec 12, We find superimposition used quite remarkably in Peter Eisenman’s work, where the overlays for his Romeo and Juliet project pushed literary and philosophical parallels to extremes.

Good book, a little dated, but interesting with important projects. Strategy is a key word in architecture today. You cannot design a new definition of cities and their architecture.

We have also seen that to endorse this logic means that any work is interchangeable with any brnard, just as we accelerate the shedding of the skin of a dormitory and replace it with another.

Raymond rated it really liked it Jun 10, These texts are revolutionary, traversing the entire field of architecture while remaining engrossing and highly readable. If the design of windows only reflects the superficiality of the skin’s decoration, we might very well start to look for a way to do without windows. Theoretical architects — as they were called — wanted to beenard the binary oppostions of traditional architecture: MIT Press- Architecture – pages. If architecture is both concept and experience, space and use, structure and superficial image — non-hierarchically — then architecture should cease to separate these categories and instead merge them into unprecedented combinations of disjknction and spaces.