Armageddon: The Battle for Germany merupakan buku kedua yang dibaca oleh saya,yang dikarang oleh Max Hastings selepas Catastrophe: Europe . Buy Armageddon: The Battle for Germany Main Market by Max Hastings (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. James J Sheehan reviews book Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, by Max Hastings; drawing (M).

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He stood down as editor of the Evening Standard in and was knighted in Unlike Stephen Ambrose, whowhile a very readable historian — even knowing whom to plagarize http: Fanatic resistance was met on both fronts but especially in the East. I answered that it would have been unfair, not to mention politically infeasible; if Hastings is right, Patton would not have stood a chance because the Red Army of fought better than Western Allied armies, and German soldiers considered it a relief to be transferred to the Western front.

The Battle for Germany, – Interesting read on how the Soviet Union, not the US was the foremost combatant in the destruction of the Nazi empire.

The partnership of Brooke and Churchill created the most efficient machine for the direction of the war possessed by any combatant nation, even if its judgments were sometimes flawed and its ability to enforce its wishes increasingly constrained.

Hastings presents a convincing case that poor training of allied troops armaveddon less than inspired generalship germxny Montgomery and Eisenhower prolonged the war, which should have ended, her argues, by the end of Vladimir Gormin was reprimanded for reporting after an action that his anti-tank unit had failed to destroy any German tanks.

Published October 18th by Vintage first published I had the view that really in everything yhe fell apart for the Germans and it was very much a mopping up activity.

Like all large volumes, it cannot cover everything in this last year of the war, but offers teasers that make the reader realize that they didn’t know about something that was covered and took a lesser space in another history. A report from 10th SS Panzer Division suggested that some recent German attacks had been compromised by noisy and visible preparations which had attracted British attention.


The two world wars of the 20th century could not have ended under more dissimilar circumstances. The violence catalogued here will cause sleep to flee and leave you with nightmares when it fitfully returns. Medan Tempur Timur adalah sesuatu yang agak ‘misteri’ kepada saya kerana agak kurang penulisan mengenainya yang saya baca. But did it have to end so slowly?

The end of the war in Europe is often glossed over to a large extent in many of the general books about germamy war 2. Aug 10, Haur Bin rated it really liked it Shelves: The advancing Soviet forces, meanwhile, armagedodn victory in orgies of looting, rape and murder, crucifying women on barn doors.

This was one of the Very different approach to the history of World War II, as it is presented through the antidotes of participants both military and civilian.

Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, by Max Hastings

Ini adalah sangat signifikan kepada saya. Hastings is full of admiration for the Red Army, both ordinary soldiers and the generals, who he says were more germant and showed more initiative than their Western Allied counterparts; he thinks that if Zhukov were in Eisenhower’s shoes, he would have pursued the Germans after the failure of their Ardennes offensive instead of allowing them to escape and regroup.

During three months in East Prussia, therefore, the Red Army suffered almost as many casualties as the Anglo-American armies in the entire north-west Europe campaign. The Battle for Germany, by Max Hastings.

Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945

Walaupun demikian,Armageddon merupakan sebuah buku yang sangat komprehensif dan padat. These comparisons extend up to the higher commanders, as well.

Hastings, as usual, provides accounts and events still useful to the modern scholar and soldier. The anecdotes do slow momentum but each is self-evidently precious. Jun 30, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: Hastings’s writing is a model of thoughtfulness and clarity.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I would only add that readers of any nationality involved in this final campaign of Batt,e in Europe might have feelings of pride, embarrassment and shame!


Many ordinary people, both soldiers in all the armies batle German civilians, get a chance to tell their story in Hasting’s book.

I had my 13th birthday in January and followed the printed news. There were also several potentially interesting story lines the author just leaves dangling. He makes it all interesting and shows the results of decision-making at all levels.

More guns and tanks and airplanes were massed across the battlefield than were armqgeddon before or since on a single continent. So many people killed needlessly with atrocities committed on all sides. What I found most refreshing was Mr. Since June he had rendered himself so obnoxious in American gerjany that most senior U.

He has worked from a large body of evidence: Pendek kata,buku ini mengisahkan mengenai apa yang berlaku selepas Ogos sehingga kepada Kejatuhan Berlin pada Mei Hastings was educated at Charterhouse School and University College, Oxford, which he left after a year. So far, so good. It has chapters on the ill-planned Operation Market Garden, the Warsaw Rising which General Anders thought was madnessthe Soviet conquest of East Prussia a German woman told Hastings, “It was our Holocaust, but nob In this British journalist wrote a book on the landing in Normandy and the subsequent Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France.

For Hastings, the answer is yes.

After ten years as editor and then editor-in-chief of The Daily Telegraph, he became editor of the Tor Standard in They pretty much said the whole nasty business would be over by Christmas, In this British journalist wrote a book on the landing in Normandy and the subsequent Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France. The German soldier fought fiercely right to the end: