The Art of Courtly Love [Andreas Capellanus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Page 1. The. Art of. Courtly. Love. Andreas Capellanus. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page The Art of Courtly Love by “Andreas Capellanus” is a poetic manual for how one should enter and maintain a romantic relationship. Capellanus’s name may.

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It includes reasons why love affairs of the sort found in this book should not be conducted, and that personal abstinence from love was the preferred route. The second part discusses how love may be preserved. De Amore was written sometime between and Thus if, after a long period of proof, he is found worthy of love, a woman of the higher nobility may choose a plebian gentlemen as her lover. After the eight dialogues, Capellanus discusses other forms capfllanus love, such as the love of the clergy, qndreas, peasants, and prostitutes.

True jealousy always increases the effects of love.

Book One, ‘Introduction to the Treatise on Love,’ outlines its basic set of concepts and information concerning love and elaborates the effects of love.

A lover is always fearful. His real identity has never been determined, but has been a matter of extended academic debate. For example, women are described as being completely untrustworthy “everything a woman says is said with the intention of deceiving”insanely greedy and willing to do anything for food, weak-minded and easily swayed by false reasoning, “slanderers filled with envy and hate,” drunkards, loud-mouthed and gossipy, unfaithful in love, disobedient, vain and tortured by envy of all other women’s beauty, “even her daughter’s.

Every lover turns pale in the presence of his beloved. No one can love who is not driven to do so by the power of love. And so you should not ask about my legs and my feet, but what virtues I have acquired by my own deeds.

Oh, what a marvelous thing is love, which makes a man shine with so many virtues and which teaches everyone to abound in good customs. So husbands and wives courgly to seek romantic attachment outside of marriage and courtly love became a social practice that gave them such a romantic outlet.


I see that your thighs on the contrary andress fat and round and your feet are huge and as wide as they are long. If a lover suspects another, cuortly and the efects of love increase. He admits to have given Walter advice on how to attain and maintain love but he encourages him not to use it. Articles lacking in-text citations from April All articles lacking in-text citations. A male cannot love until he has fully reached puberty. Back to the English Syllabus View.

Capellanus translates as “Chaplain,” but this revealing work takes a distinct andreqs away from the religious worldview that dominated the twelfth century in which Capellanus lived. This book is the briefest pp. Moreover, you claim to be numbered among the knights, yet I discern in you much that is contrary and harmful to that state.

The Art of Courtly Love Summary & Study Guide

Every action of a lover ends in the thought of his beloved. Indeed, The Art capellanks Courtly Love — the name is entrenched in English, although it is a poor translation of De Amore — is intriguing for the clash of perspectives in its pages. Views Read Edit View history.

After an introductory analysis of “What love is” Parry, pp. Andreas Capellanus on Love? It is written to an unknown young man named Walter by an only slightly less mysterious man, Andreas Capellanus or ‘Andrew the Chaplain’ who was associated with Countess Marie de Troyes of Champagne, France.

The Art of Courtly Love Summary & Study Guide

It also contains eight dialogues between members of different social classes looking to initiate courtly love such as those between each combination of middle-class, simple noble, higher noble men and women. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Courtly love is unstable and can easily decay. Love is always growing or diminishing. True love often brings out man’s greatest virtues and brings out humility.

Andreas Capellanus

It has been proposed that De Amore codifies the social and sexual life of Eleanor’s court at Poitiers between and because the author mentions both Eleanor and her daughter Marie by name; but there is no evidence that Marie ever saw her mother again after Eleanor’s divorce from Louis VII in The lady says that she is not pleased that he ranks so anderas beneath her. If a man of the middle class seeks to join himself in love with a women of the higher nobility, he ought to have a multitude of good qualities, for in order for a lower-born man to be worthy to seek the love of andreae higher born woman, he should be filled with inumerable good qualities, and an infinite number of good deeds should extol him.


The work deals with several specific themes that were the subject of poetical debate among late twelfth century troubadours and trobairitz. Although virtue can ennoble a plebian, yet you cannot change your rank to the extent that a plebian is made a great lord or vavasor, unless he is granted that by the power of the prince, who as he pleases may add nobility to good morals.

I admit that I ask to be loved, for to live in love is sweeter than anything else in life. The aforementioned distinction of classes does not prohibit me from being numbered among the superior classes or to ask the rewards of a higher class, provided that can justly object to me curtly the grounds of my character. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Just as a shrewd fisherman tries to attract fish with his bait and to catch them on with his curved hook, so he who is truly captured by love tries to attract another with his blandishments and with all his power tries to hold two hearts together with one spiritual chain or, if they be already united, to hold them always together.

But that objection which you put to me about my flabby legs and big feet is not very reasonable.