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This page contains information about the Version User Manual (English) for the CSV from Arturia. This page contains information about the Version User’s Manual for the CS- 80V from Arturia. This page contains information about the User’s Manual for the CSV from Arturia.

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Arturia CS-80V User Manual

The 24dB button allows us go from a 12 dB filter to a 24 dB filter. When the installation process is completed, please proceed to authorization step chapter 3.

A virtual LED display on the right of the tool bar cs-80b indicates Multi mode is active. Setting the filters By clicking on these labels, it is possible to activate or deactivate a filter in order to save on calculation power. It should be noted that the original CS had an unusual behavior when using the pitch ribbon to control downward pitch shifts.

The LCD cs-8v now indicates Single. Click the X to delete a playlist.

Arturia has thus brought new life to the myth, remaining faithful to the sound and the functionality, but also taking it several steps further. The detail view show you the device and an assignable X-Y control. Chapter 8 A few elements of manuql design will be of particular interest for users who have never worked with a subtractive sc-80v, but wish to understand the basics in this domain. It is possible to choose a reception control for each knob. In order to listen to a particular sound, just close the Multi hatch.

Now to finish, here is the diagram of a complete synthesis voice on the CSV containing: The zone uses the first free available voice, beginning with the lowest one. You can also double click on a saved document in order to open the corresponding configuration in the CSV2 application. The oscillator delivers a cd-80v signal the audio output of a waveform of a fixed pitch in a continuous manner.


They each effect polyphonic voices in the same way. And Arturia now offers you our most impressive software model yet, the CS V. The licenses saved on the Syncrosoft key cannot be replaced. The Sound Map cs-80b three views: It can be used to aruria the low frequencies of a bass sound or as a frequency modulator in order to create harmonics that cs80v exist in the original waveforms. If we stop here, the sound that you will obtain will be uniform, without life and without an end.

The following step allows you to install the CSV2 as a plug-in. In the case of a legitimate claim the Syncrosoft key and the licenses included shall be replaced in return for a handling fee.


Page 11 in Trigger mode can vary with the temperature and other environmental conditions, we see why vintage synthesizers have such a typical sound. Each manuaal responds to a MIDI channel, which can be assigned to the same or a differing channel. To quickly isolate a voice where the EDIT button is artugia and play it across the whole keyboard, just close the Multi panel. It is always a good idea to first check if qrturia more up-to-date version is available online; if so, it is safe to install directly from the latest update: White noise is the richest of noises.

Some presets may have a slightly different sound after conversion, due to some bugfixes in the V Collection 5 updates. The shorter the time, the more percussive the sound. Either the file format is wrong, or they were protected by eLicenser encryption.

If for example, you synchronize oscillator2 with oscillatorl, oscillator2 will restart a new period every time the first oscillator completes a period, even if oscillator2 has not completed a complete period this signifies that it is not tuned to the same tonality.

  ASTM D1599 PDF

You may arturua lease, loan or sublicense the software.

Arturia CS-80 V User Manual

When you click on this button, a window will appear allowing you to choose the preset bank file for the CSV. VC5 Preset Updater V 1. The ring modulator allows the application of a waveform a sine cw-80v to another, in order to transform it. Choice of VST applications For each of the selected applications, if several versions are present on your computer, select the version for which you want to install the CSV as a VST plug-in.

I Preselections Each pre-selection line corresponds to the control of each line of synthesis. It is possible to separate the keyboard into different zones, each zone with a different sound, to widen an accompaniment sound with the stereo image or fine tuning for a large chorused effect.

When a new polyphonic voice is chosen, the zone uses the voice which has just played the same note.

The CSV2 is shipped with several factory banks. It is very useful for removing redundant low frequencies with a bass sound for example. In the CSV, a preset memorized sound contains all parameter settings of the synthesis voice Singleas well as Multi mode parameters and the different real time controllers and effects needed to reproduce the sound.

The white zone on the keyboard represents the active artufia. Just double-click on the zone to be modified, and a mini keyboard will appear on the screen. Below you will find a list of these parameters: Stevie Wonder called it “the Dream Machine”. This impulse width variation translates to a spectrum modification, resembling a waveform change.