Standard AS (Aerospace Requirements for Stockiest Distributors) defines specific requirements for suppliers and distributors that supply components to the . The most recent version of the AS standard was released in December, It is based on the changes included in the ISO standard. Aerospace Management. AS / ASB. The standard for stockists and distributors of parts to manufacturers that supply the aerospace industry.

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This includes organizations that procure products and split them into shandard quantities. We’ll give you a clear indication of the costs of gaining and maintaining certification.

AS Certification Services | International Standards Authority

This certification requires organizations to focus on areas impacting product safety and reliability. Certification in accordance with standard AS combines the requirements for ISO and additional requirements legislative and aviation. Activities to continually improve quality. That’s why it’s our policy to achieve accreditation for our services wherever possible.

We will use this information to accurately define your scope of assessment and provide you standaed a proposal for certification.

AS also provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system focused on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability including:. This case study looks at the role that external assurance continues to play. Airworthiness certificates Control of records Evidence of conformance Requirements for batch and lot splitting Need to know more? ASpart of the AS series of standards has been developed to help distributors minimise the risk of anything that could impact the performance of their commodities.


Certification process Need a consultant? Service Industry NQA is particularly well-positioned to help interpret the standards and has auditors familiar and comfortable with service environments. Organizations that perform work that affect or could affect product characteristics or conformity should use AS or another general quality management system standard.

AS9120 certification – Aerospace stockists and distributors

The AS standard is specific for stockist or pass-through distributors or resellers, not manufacturers. Listed below are the benefits of becoming an AS certified standzrd. News Events Case studies. By aligning to ASan organization can establish and continuously improve an effective quality system that will enable them to consistently meet customer expectations.

For more information about ISO certification for the AS standard, please call our consulting office ator email info thecoresolution. The Standards Institution of Israel — the satndard choice for you. The proven way to improve environmental impacts, energy efficiency and sustainability.

This is as9210 ISA Registrar can help you succeed. Our auditors received the required training and were certified for the field of aviation. If you are in an organization that procures parts and assemblies for the Aerospace stanxard you already understand the importance of AS Certification.

We can assist with construction industry certification and training related to ISO and other standards. With ISOconsumers can now make better and easier …read more.

What is AS? Get an AS Certification – Aerospace

Sign up to InTouch. This ensures a quality management system which is well rounded and directly suited to your business. AS would be applicable for organizations that resell, distribute, and warehouse parts found in aircraft and other aerospace components. Because certified companies are consistently being monitored, the integrity of the certification stays intact.


Organizations that perform work that could affect product characteristics or conformity shall also use AS or another Quality Management System Atandard standard. Within the sections of the AS News On World Environment Day – Tuesday 5 June — discover the many ways that you and your organisation can help beat plastic pollution. What is AS certification? This certification is for use by organizations that procure parts, materials and assemblies, and sell these products to a customer in the Aerospace industry.

This assessment consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Certification Audit. Hi, can we help you? What is a gap analysis? Give us a call on or email enquiries lrqa. Additionally, consultants that specialize in quality management systems- Aerospace can be used, and the Standards Institution of Israel can conduct a audit stage 1 to review the gaps. Sectors Automotive We are the leading automotive sector certification body for IATF in China and have global experience across the automotive supply chain.

We are the leading automotive sector certification body for IATF in China and have global experience across the automotive supply chain.

Case Studies We’ve helped thousands of organizations from a wide range of sectors to improve their management systems and business performance with certification.