AsciiDoc with Dart support. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Asciidoc package including dblatex dependencies. You have searched for packages that names contain asciidoc-dblatex in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 1 matching packages.

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Use an inline or block passthrough macros. Most likely the passthrough encloses another passthrough with a higher precedence.

Package: asciidoc-dblatex (8.6.10-3)

How can I suppress cell separators in included table data files? Right-click on the image and select the Picture… menu item. Is it possible to include charts in AsciiDoc documents? These are examples of optional dblatex output customization and are used by a2x 1. How can I selectively disable a quoted text substitution? How can I turn off table and image title numbering? The generated chart image file barchart. How can I render indented paragraphs? If you are using a2x you can set the options in the source file, for example: Omitting the tag name will disable quoting.

If you want to see how the complete documentation set is processed take a look at the A-A-P script. How can I place a backslash character in front of an attribute reference without escaping the reference?


This will ensure that downstream DocBook processing will generate the correct language specific document headings things like table of contents, revision history, figure and table captions, admonition captions. Why am I having trouble getting nested macros to work? You can manually position the TOC by setting the toc-placement attribute value to manual and then inserting the toc:: The following example prints the Rats and Mice section on a new page:.

Alpine Linux packages

Here are some non-standard escape examples: Qui in magna commodo, est labitur dolorum an. How do I number all paragraphs? Many EPUB readers do not process embedded fonts. AsciiDoc generates articlebook and refentry DocBook documents corresponding to the AsciiDoc articlebook and ascildoc document types.

The AsciiDoc toclevels attribute does not work with DocBook outputs, why? Mixing doubled-quoted text with inline literal passthroughs can produce undesired results, for example, all of the following line is interpreted as an inline literal passthrough:.

One of the biggest hurdles for new users is installing, configuring and using a DocBook XML toolchain. Finally, the most powerful technique is to create custom CSS containing paged media properties. If your outputs are DocBook generated then adding the following inline macro to a custom configuration file will result in auto-incrementing bibliography entry dbatex instead of displaying the bibliographic identifiers: How can I include lines of dashes inside a listing block?


For example by setting it using the asciidoc 1 -a command-line option:. Click on the Crop tab.

To restore an image to its original size: Can I define my own table styles? If you place two lists with different syntax hard up against each other then the second list will be nested in the first. Now you can use the style name to style cells or columns in this example we use an unambiguous shortened abbreviation r: The semantics are different:.

Here are some techniques you can use to control page breaks in HTML outputs produced by the xhtml11 and html5 backends: A quick way to do this is put both authors in a single first name, for example: How can I set asciiroc list and tables styles?