Richard Lea: The struggle between science and superstition in Asimov’s classic short story rings as true today as it did 70 years ago. Second, the whole story in Nightfall revolves around an impending very rare solar eclipse of the one sun out of six that is in the sky at the time. The classic science-fiction tale “Nightfall” is set on a planet where night only falls every 2, years. Now, a scientist proposes a planet could.

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As that world rotates on its axis, each hemisphere will receive light for half the day and will be entirely dark for the other half. I’ve belonged to the Science Fiction Book Club off and on over the years, buying the cheapest available hardcovers which promised to be interesting, reading them voraciously during semester stort.

What if there were no one to teach us how not to be afraid of the dark? Nevertheless, Nightfall is, at the very least, an anti-pseudoscience invective and, at most, a cautious admonition about provocative conclusions derived from questionable scientific inquiry. Many works could be considered hugely influential, possibly inspiring entire genres for centuries to come, but they aren’t necessarily better than a lot of what comes later or even works at the time.

When Richard begins to form a habit of strolling outdoors at every opportunity, a psychiatrist is called in, but in the end, who ends up being the true counselor?

Nor have I seen it disproven. The renown author builds hi In what is often considered the best science fiction short story of all time, Isaac Asimov demonstrates how science fiction done well can enrapture our attention and simultaneously offer constructive social criticism. An interesting theory here, but I preferred the short story version which actually got to the point a little quicker.

The planet resides in a solar system with six suns, in a manner which keeps the planet constantly illuminated by at least two suns in most instances. Now I’ll go think about what the folks in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” were doing before and after the events in her story. The two authors seem to have worked very well together and I look forward to reading the other two collaborations from them, namely: Most of Asimov’s popularized science books explain scientific concepts in a historical way, going as far back as possible to a time when the science in question was at its simplest stage.


Lists with This Book. It isn’t long before Drake discovers that the alien has ulterior motives, one that could ignite an interstellar war.

Asimov’s Nightfall short story

I am only reviewing briefly the title story. It made the show I watched last night all the more interesting. They decided to check out the lab and while investigating realized that the sfory they were building is not the same as when they left the lab.

Worse, by that time the story’s been so diluted that something I thought was one key aspect of the original is completely lost.

After discussing what might have happened if they’d each made different choices in life, a married mightfall named Norman and Livvy encounter a eccentric old man on a train who presents them with a mirror that allows then to ask “What If—” and see the results play out. Sean Raymond, an astrophysicist at the Observatory of Bordeaux in France, read “Nightfall” “when I was in college and loved the story,” he said.

Schnarr rated it liked it. The world is celebrating the defeat of an alien menace. Notturno di Isaac Asimov 1 6 Feb 14, Apr 26, Zachary Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: Insert Knob into hole B: And why DID he marry her, anyway? Some oddities in there i Nice little collection for Asimov completists.

One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It’s njghtfall fire, slowly encroaching upon the cities to bring light back to the world that seems eternally plunged in the dreaded darkness.

I know that I have read it but for some reason it never sticks. The ending is a bit sad as once Jacob realizes that the cars are capable of this he is no longer able to feel truly safe around them. It turns out that the alien is looking for the possible cause of a disease that affects his and other alien species. Shor hands off the documents for transmission and returns home, only shhort find Geoffrey there.

Nightfall and Other Stories

Then, one by one your suns start to set, gradually leading you into Darkness for the first time ever. One possibility leading to very rare darkness would involve giving the planet of Kalgash 2 two large moons, Raymond said. I’ve only read Nightfall from this compilation, and maybe it’s just me but I asikov really enjoy it.


This anthology gives us the whole range, from a masterpiece like “Nightfall”, through a range of flawed but still powerful stories, into a realm of disposable but adequate page-fillers, all the way down to a couple of clunking failures.

Although the plot has a definite “fluff” feel, the masterful writing and ideas of Asimov keep it from becoming stale. Published January 27th by Bantam Books first published October 1st Doubts and nightmare of an atheist.

“Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov

In the end, he does kill the two aliens, one by slamming a door on its neck and another with oxygen, which is poisonous to the aliens. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Not surprisingly, this middle part of the book is the most powerful, it really is absolutely riveting.

You can’t conceive that. There are no cars, no roads, and everyone leaves their house through the teleportation door. The original short story by Asimov stayed with me for a long time as one of the most thought provoking scenarios that had been presented to me. The five stars is for the Nightfall short story.

I find his little explanatory notes to be rather engaging, which is often not the case with other writers, who tend to yammer a bit when describing their own work or leave too little up to the imagination, or else to reveal some unfortunate trait about themselves that I would rather not know.

Only two or so of them I didn’t really enjoy.

It asmov get enough heat saimov light, and if it rotated there would be total darkness half of every day. They realize that their civilization will end, for the people of Kalgash have a proven fear of Darkness, but they are unable to predict the insanity and destruction that will accompany the awesome splendor of Nightfall.

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