ASSA offers a comprehensive range of hinges meeting all requirements, from the simplest case to the Door preparation for flush bolt , and Semi-automic, short bolt KA-AA PrevNext. Share. Price: € net Semi-automic, short bolt KA-AA Assa Abloy Producer: Assa Abloy. agreement for the locking system with a licensed ASSA Security. Centre. Application. Flush bolt, automatic, for the passive door leaf in wooden, steel.

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If he is also known as an aggressor, then that hostile man will have trouble in the neighborhood.

ASSA Minikatalog

The means for getting a true and clear explanation is to listen with kindness. Teach the great what is useful to them. Do not be arrogant towards him just because you know about his former state. If you let your knowledge impress your leader, your sustenance from him will then come from his soul.

The joyful person brings happiness. When you answer one who is fuming, turn your face and control yourself. These are the people who succeed in what they do. The latch is reversible. If you are a person of trust, sent from one great person to another great person, sasa careful to stick to the essence of the message that you were asked to transmit.

The flame of the hot hearted sweeps across everything. If you fail to asda your friends, one will say you have a selfish Ka. It is the 2936 that makes his hand stretch out.


The writings we have from Ptahhotep were not the actual copy written by him, it is a copy from the Middle Kingdom, but there is ample evidence pointing to the existence of the exact person that exists in the writing.


Know your friends and then you prosper. May I do this for you, so that strife may be banned from among our people, and so that two shores may serve you? Never leave your post, even when tired. I need to get a book that has 23 We are not certain that this is him, but it has been suggested that both Ptahhoteps are the same tomb and writer.

When he is thus occupied, he strips his body through the love of what he does. It is by such treatment that she will be compelled to stay in your house. Most of that section has been lost, or destroyed, the other section contained the complete works of Ptahhotep 14 pages. He who is ruled by his appetite, is fed by his enemy.

No artist ever possesses that perfection to which he should aspire. If you take for a wife a good time woman who is joyful and who is well known in the town, if she is fickle and seems to live for the moment, do not reject her.

Do not repeat slander, nor should you even listen to it. What leaves the storehouse does not return.

Pair of handles

Change Language English Svenska. There is no treatment for it. If you want friendship to endure in the house that you enter, the house of a master, assaa a brother or of a friend, then in whatever place you enter beware of approaching the women there. Ma’at is what prevails. Speak when he has spoken to you.


Just keep to the truth. If you do not confront him while he is raging, people will call assa ignorant. But punishment except for crime will turn the complainer into an enemy.

Don’t waste time on daily cares over and beyond providing for your household. What god gives comes by itself.


He will give food to those who he favors. Accept the authority of your leaders, then your house will endure in its wealth. Just report a thing that has been observed, not something that has been heard second hand. If you do, one day someone who is poor may very well overtake you. One lives as long as he is mild. Do not exceed it. If you are a guard in the store house, stand or sit rather than leave your post and trespass into someone else’s place.

Greed is a grievous sickness that has no cure. Punish firmly and chastise 2936, then repression of crime becomes an example. Neither should you brag or decry about having your own children, for there is many a father who has grief for a mother with children that is less content than another. If you prefer to download our product catalogue – you can download it here!