launched and checked that the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\AttachmentExecute does. In Windows 7 (also Win!!!!!), there is not the key AttachmentExecute by default. For this reason, Checkbox for “always ask before opening this. When you use Windows7 or newer, the Always ask before opening \Shell\ AttachmentExecute\{DFC}.

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Use the Reg add command to create windowx new registry path and key values. I hate the IE, but unfortunately not all Applications are designed for alternative browsers.

If you are a consumer looking for answers or to raise a question, it’s highly recommended you head on over to http: Do you have any more recent information on how to achieve this? I’m running IE11 and Windows 7. Instead of opening the pdf there is a popup which asked what to do with the pdf -open, save or saveas.

Which is great, I want to turn this on for all common document types e. What browser are you using?

Re-enable Always Ask Before Opening this Type of File Check Box in Windows

After that, import to Registry. Not only does this give you a really easy way to deploy HKCU keys attchmentexecute it also allows you to control what users you want to deploy it via either security filtering on the GPO or via Item-Level Targeting on the Group Policy Preference itself.


When you open an email attachment, Outlook displays the Opening Mail Attachment dialog with Open and Save buttons for some file types. In Windows 7 and Vista, there is no longer an option to reset or change this behavior using the usual graphical interface. Whenever I push one of them to enable a download to begin, the computer thinks for a while and then just quits. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. What does this solution exactly do?

Simple test, can you reduce the window size and see other windows? Just remove the space between the ” and AcroPDF. What good is it anyway. I am using Windows 7 SP1, and am currently up to date with all the Windows updates. Glad that you liked it. Try the instructions here: I have actually not tried this solution, this was only part of a previous post by someone called Benjamin. I resolved it using the Adobe customization wizard, the setting can be found here:.

You only need to run it once. Please enter a title. I was able to get the correct key as follows: Sorry not that I am aware of. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Re-enable Always Ask Before Opening this Type of File Check Box in Windows

Therefore, it cannot be unchecked and continues to prompt the user to “Open” before wincows pdf’s from some websites. Here is the excerpt from the section:. Using IE10 and Windows 7 all completely up to date. I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with Internet Explorer and they way it handles opening file from the Internet. Always ask before opening this type of file From now on if you click on a file of that type, the file will bypass the automatic prompt and will open automatically.

Also to take effect of the changes is a log on and logg suficient or a reboot required before application is laumched again to try this fix?

Remove Internet Explorer Open or Save Popup

I tested it like this, with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7: Is there anyway to fulfill the requirement. Audio and Video Files. Look for that name under Classes. The settings for IE are stored under the following key. Right-click on the file type elg.