Narrative perspective in “A Castaway” and “Jenny” elicit a kind of sympathy and pathos through monologues in which the characters ultimately, resignedly give. Human Tigresses, Fractious An- gels, and Nursery Saints: Augusta. Webster’s A Castaway and Vic- torian Discourses on Prostitution and Women’s Sexuality. Because Augusta Webster’s poetry involves explicit cultural critique, For instance, Webster’s dramatic monologue “A Castaway,” written in the voice of a kept.

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We know it, but we’ve bodies to save too; and so we earn our living. Still, one might reflect upon one’s own sins. What right have they to augueta us — glass-case saints, Dianas under lock and key — what right more than the well-fed helpless barn-door fowl to scorn the larcenous wild-birds?

Not I, forsooth, I must have spirit, must have womanly pride, must dash back his contemptuous wages, I, who had not scorned to earn them, dash them back the fiercer that he dared to count our boy in my appraising: Money’s the root of evil do they say?

I had not felt my own life that punctilious copy-book, writ aughsta stock patterns set to all a school, I have called usual lives, but my poor Madge has unawares informed me of myself. What did I look for? However, irony cannot conceal the pain that is always close at hand.

And could I fit me to my former self? In refusing her brother’s very limited help? Can you think of a reason for this?

For example, what would they have felt about wehster honesty in admitting her ignorance to her employer? Webster ironically references her own poetic collection as the speaker complains about the draining effects of social conformity:.

But the jest, to think webbster she would look! No, why waste struggles, I or any one? How does she describe the visitors, and auguzta what extent do her charges fit the original story? Oh, is it you? To what extent do her responses confirm Victorian views of the nature of a seductress? Of the practitioners of other occupations? Some one at last, thank goodness. Thus, she ponders the path that carried her from innocence to dissolution and corruption. We had rare fun over that tract digested with champagne.


Who says I had my choice? Would they try to ship us to the colonies for wives? The worse for me: Is she correct that the man who arrives on the island able to resist her drugs will bring her happiness? Sonnet 4—What qualities does the speaker here prize in her child? Did he think how once I was his sister, prizing him as sisters do, content to learn for him the lesson girls with brothers all must learn, to do without? Do I not know this, I like my betters, that a woman’s life, her natural life, her good life, her one life, is in her husband, God on earth to her, and what she knows and what she can and castasay is only good as it brings good to him?

Her auvusta of the definite article suggests that these intensities are what she has been taught to expect, and that she is augudta her reality to be rather different.

Florence Boos: Study Questions, Augusta Webster, “A Castaway”

Important issues such as societal views of prostitution and attempts at reformation are also highlighted in the poem. Why do you think Webster included this passage? And it was true — that killed me: What prompted her to leave the home for fallen women? Do some of these carry worrisome connotations? I was not all that then. Recent scholarship on the poetry of Augusta Webster, like other projects of historical recovery, has been driven by two main ideas: And who required it of me?


Yes, yes, I listened to the echoes once, the echoes and the thoughts from the old days. Would the effect have been different if the speaker were named, e. Ahgusta he come websster and lived, come to me in the doubtful days when shame and boldness had not grown one sense, for his sake, with the courage come of him, I might have struggled back. Why do you think the author presents a character who advocates female infanticide?

Why is she ambivalent about future changes?

A Castaway – Poem by Augusta Davies Webster

Much of Webster’s writing explored the condition of women, and she aughsta a strong advocate of women’s right to vote, working for the London branch of the National Committee for Women’s Suffrage. The thunderous roar of such texts adds to the chaos of the modern day, which makes independent thought difficult: If they knew what their fine husbands look like seen by eyes that may perceive there are more men than one!

I have looked coolly on my what and why, and I accept myself. What would a Victorian reader have felt about this emotion?

A Castaway Poem by Augusta Davies Webster – Poem Hunter

I would that I could love him to his worth, with that forgetting all myself in him, that subtle pain of exquisite excess, that momentary infinite sharp joy, I know by books but cannot teach my heart [. What criticism does she make of Victorian wives?

Rossetti — Essay Sample. I’ll not think of it. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. The road to success is easy with a little help.