Be sure to read this installation manual thoroughly prior to installation. nonstandard parts not specified in this installation manual are used, accidents or injury. View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. View and Download Eclipse AVNE quick start manual online. DVD-Video/ USB multi-source receiver/7” wide screen monitor/navigation/built-in bluetooth.

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Error2Check iPodNo support music filesA communication error, playbackerror, iPod softwareincompatibility, or control erroroccurred.

About USB Devices

These switches are available in 2D mode. Indicates the image aspect ratio ratio between the height and width of theTV screen able to be selected. Touch this field to show it on theMap screen in one of the Trip Datafields. Si vous utilisez des fusibles a capacite d’amperage plus grande, un incendie risquera de s’ensuivre.

Si vous continuez a utiliser I’unite principale dans cet etat, un accident, un incendie ou une electrocution risquera de s’ensuivre. Si se utilizan otras partes distintas de las incluidas, la unidad podria danarse internamente 0 podria no quedar bien sujeta y desplazarse.

Eclipse AVNE Instruction manual |

Micr6fono para hablar can manos libres cuando use un telefono compatible con Bluetootho. You can make the security indicator flashwhen the security system is in operation. Otherwise accidents may occur.

Touch this switch to remove all Pins from the map. Security disabled” indicating that the operation lock status has been canceled. Vehicles with voltage detection-type steering remote control. Doing so may result in smoke, fire or shock.


All user data manula be deleted, and settings will return to their factory defaults. Touch one of the preset switches to set the tilt and zoom level to fixed predetermined values. If smoke, abnormal noises or abnormal odors are noticed,turn off the avm726e immediately.

About Errors In Present Location Display About Errors in Present Location Display Since this receiver uses information from the GPS satellite signals to establish the present location, and the measurements from each of these include some error, the displayed present location may not match your actual position. One of the ways of expanding the routeis to keep the destination, and to add viapoints intermediate destinations.

To use a Bluetooth- supporting cell phone with qvn726e device, it is necessary to perform Bluetooth registration and connection settings.

Navigation Details Setting Screen / AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

Acquiring signalDisplayed when the SIRIUSsatellite radio signal is lost duringaccess Try receiving the signal again inthe place where there are noobstacles. Manula Illumination Setting You can set the button illumination. Page ConditionNeither video nor audio isoutput.

When route recalculation becomes necessary based on the received Traffic events, Navigation notifies you, but you can decide whether to recalculate the route or not.

If parts other than those supplied are used, the main unit may be damaged internally, or may not be held in place securely and become dislodged. Attach a splicing connector at this location. Switch between uppercase and lowercase. To open Position, touch [Position]. When a call arrives, the Calling screen is displayed automatically.

You can choose the image to be used as the menu background image. You can select a location that you havealready saved as a Favorite to be yourdestination. Position information is normally received once a second from the GPS. Register by searching for cell phone onthis receiverTouch Pairing on the Hands-freescreen. Using the wrong type of fuse may cause a fire or severe damage.


If this caution is not observed, thisreceiver or the disc may be scratched.

Switches other than u and d are available for VTR operation. Page 97 67Touch [City Center].

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The GPS receives data from both the green and yellow satellites. Setting Source Volume ControlYou can set a volume difference for each audio mode.

Selecting Desired MusicFile3Touch the file you wish to play. Doing so may result in smoke, fire or shock. You can set the data and time format. You cannot, however, connect the iPod cable video line and VTR together.

While driving, you will not be able to set a new destination or change settings. Page – Deleting an intermediate point from the Navigation GuidanceNavigation GuidanceSetting from AddressIf you know at least a part of the kanual, thisis the quickest way to select the destination ofthe route.

M5 x 8 as mnual mounting screws. Si vous utilisez d’autres vis, elles risqueront d’endommager Avn726s de I’unite principale. Fine-tuning Smart Zoom Touch the map to make the map control switches appear, and then touch and hold to open the Smart Zoom settings window.