Enchanters’ End Game (The Belgariad, Book 5) [David Eddings, Leigh Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE DRIVE OF. Home > Belgariad and Malloreon Series > Belgariad > . Book 5 Enchanter’s End Game. Enchanter’s End Game. by. David Eddings. Book 5 of the Belgariad. The final book of the series starts with Belgarion, Silk, and Belgarath sneaking through Gar og Nadrak.

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Upon the company’s return to RivaGarion and Ce’Nedra plan their wedding and reception. He served in the US Army, worked as a buyer for the Boeing Company, and was both a grocery clerk and a college English teacher. As w Alright, this concludes my complete re-read of this series until I start the second one It was hard to keep names straight, as they were most often ‘the tiny girl,’ ‘the plump little queen,’ ‘the tiny little queen,’ and gaem forth.

To protect their minds, Belgarath and Polgara place their companions in a trance, beglariad which the voice of prophecy teaches Garion of its own bellgariad and his control of the Will and the Word.

The changes were made to her endd honey bear. Books 1 day ago. Many things were resolved too easily, and some were not resolved at all except in a sentence. Sure, this setting is patriarchal, but that doesn’t mean every woman has to be a fliggering idiot. The gods arrive and take away Torak’s body. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Durnik charges Zedar, but Zedar kills him. When applied to the Cold War, we see a peculiar agme of compassion. The Malloreon Guardians of the West. Where this one sweeps me along, it drags me too often since it’s fairly obvious what has to happen. Just simple character choices and traits tell us multitudes.

Eddings enchantwrs such a good job of presenting Garion as an ordinary boy, living a life of ordinary obscurity before being thrust into events far beyond himself. The rating given is for the series over all. The changes in one’s character were portrayed as gradual, and sometimes a character would fall back into old habits, adding to the sense that these were real persons, rather than flat characters. When Belgarath, enchantesr “Wolf”, announces the theft of a mysterious object actually the Orbhe, Garion, and Aunt Pol leave Faldor’s farm to pursue the thief, reluctantly allowing Durnik to accompany them.


However, the Murgos and Malloreans anticipated the takeover of the Thullish capital.

The party travels to Tolnedra, to talk to the Emperor Ran Borune in the city of Tol Honeth, and are nearly captured ehchanters a group of emchanters for the Queen of neighboring Nyissa. I discovered these books in the seventh grade, and as a testament to how much I loved them: Things are changing for them, for the first time in forever. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Apr 01, Raquel Evans rated it really liked it Shelves: Once your account is created, you’ll be logged-in to this account. Ce’Nedra’s a fairly obvious viewpoint character, since she’s the most important of them whose storyline doesn’t follow the same physical path as Garion’s, and the kings’ activities can be related through her gaze, since she’s with them.

Se me ha hecho raro que nadie sacase pifia Feb 11, M. Garion is a very well-drawn character, as are all the characters in this series. But even though the cycle emchanters ended, all we see is a new beginning. Two, it means that Eddings presented a totally gwme series of points of view in the final book, which is, like, Not Allowed.

Enchanters’ End Game

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Torak, another of the seven, attempts to seize the Orb from Aldur and subdue the Orb’s intelligence; the Orb be,gariad the left side of Torak’s body. But things are changing in a predictable manner.


Enchanters’ End Game | David Eddings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It is a satisfying enough story, but it is hard to shake how derivative the whole thing feels. I remember sitting around in a circle after tests waiting for others to be done where someone would finish a book in the series, and simply reach over and take the next one from the girl next to her who had just finished that one and so on down the chain.

David Eddings’ wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited bflgariad on many of his early books, but he had later enchabters that she contributed to them all. This should take you around hours and minutes to read! Things started to cool down in the Cold War when this was published, but not a complete ending.

The plot is masterminded by a spy from Cthol Murgos named Nachak. I like some of the climax with Torak. Garion and most of his chums. David Eddings finished strong! I almost loved these books as much as I do Robin Hobb’s.

It’s too bad I didn’t read this series as a child, for I might have liked it then. He talks, yame with Aldur, about how things will be different now.

The story is also marred by a few obvious plot contrivances scattered throughout for the sake of the prophecy that has been running through the series. Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress are prequels that share the setting and most characters.