The Confession of Belhar (). 1. We believe in the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who through Word and Spirit gathers, protects and cares for the. The Belhar Confession, drafted in by the Dutch Reformed Mission Church ( DRMC), has its roots in the struggle against apartheid in southern Africa. In this. should not adopt Belhar Confession. Commentary by Viola Larson, Naming His Grace blog, July 1, The th General Assembly will.

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The Belhar has nothing to add to them in terms of fundamental truths of the Gospel. In other settings it would be horribly unjust, damning the society to decades of upheval and distress. Thank you for your concise statement of the issue involoved. What of our unity and likemindedness with brothers confsssion sisters within our own denomination, not to mention with the RCA our new brothers and sisters in coonfession planting or Reformed African denominations!

If the existing Reformed confessions inadequately guide us in their applications, then maybe more education on those applications is desirable.

Instead, there is much waffling and debating leading to strife, confusion, and dissent. Retrieved from ” https: They suggest that I have caved in to the “social belhad.

Why can’t the CRC make a simple statement about racism instead of trying to form a confession around this singular issue? We don’t need government to do it for us.

Belhar Confession

This is, of course, a matter which needs much more careful study and deliberation. Perhaps the better biblical term would be “Private Stewardship”, but “ownership” is the term we have in English. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the absence of guiding principles of application as distinguished from “belief” Christians often rely on secular principles. It might be a better document if it did. This is not to say that the wealthy and influential, and their well-paid lobbyists, as a class, are slothful, only that such policies and practices encourage it. Forcible confiscation of property and redistribution – a kind of Jubilee Year, back-to-the-beginning move – may indeed be appropriate and just in some settings.


Worries about “progressive uses” to which the Belhar might be put are troubling. Whether it is the insurance executive or the government bureaucrat who rations care, both seem quite willing to deny that care to older people on the basis of cost and profit though the politician measures profit in terms of votes more than dollars, it is also with the understanding that the former leads to the latter.

Unfortunately, budget cutting has also prevented the needed resources from reaching these successful drug courts, and waiting lists are getting longer. What will you do on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? The World Communion of Reformed Churches is watching us, and so are other Reformed, Presbyterian, and evangelical friends.

Profit also provides an incentive to endure the rigorous schooling, internships, residencies, exams, and pressure in order to become and remain not merely competent, but excellent physicians and surgeons and nurses and PAs and therapists and The Belhar Confession Afrikaans: But yes, if I have the basic necessities and am able to serve the Lord, that is enough.

Reformed confessions of faith. Would it be better to give him food and arrange for a place to sleep tonight, or would that be enabling and encouraging the self-destructive behavior? The Presbyterian Church U. But his piece and this discussion do raise some questions for me about our confessions in general. Indeed, the Belhar has been promoted as liberation theology by prominent leaders of denominations in the former World Alliance of Reformed Churches now part of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, which includes the CRC.

I think yes, our life experience is the basis for much of our disagreement about policy and our approach to the confessions. But what is it to me if God should entrust billions to another and only thousands to me? Where will you leave your riches? So far, the only real argument offered in favor of the Belhar is that we’re racists if we don’t. Initially, the NGK rejected the confession as being a political document or as a statement of Liberation Theology.


Why the Belhar Should Not Be a Confession | The Banner

Apartheid was carried out by people of cpnfession own tradition who affirmed all of our confessions, yet failed to act as the body of Christ in a very sobering and destructive way.

You are correct, I think, in that “experience, judgment and leading of the Spirit may bring us to different conclusions” about the Belhar.

For example, with regard to health care, my views differ substantially from those of fellow Christians who rely on principles far more closely aligned with Belhxr Randian objectivism or Rand’s successors e. Would you sign it if you were in that positions? Just because hundreds of years ago the issues were doctrinal doesn’t mean that those are the only issues that might be relevant.

In many years of public policy analysis and legislative liaison, I have had occasion to witness numerous examples of how the wealthy and influential are able to wrangle government contracts, i. How much more could be achieved if that were directed at more productive pursuits! GLD A further word is required in the context of profit. In another setting it may be devastating.

Never to be overcome. We sometimes talk as though we have traded the infallibility of a medieval pope for the infallibility of a handful of 16th century theologians. Are we seeing all of the prayer concerns necessary through this discussion? In their view, health care should be treated like other commodities. While the Belhar might add little to our understanding of “basic gospel truths” at least as understood doctrinallyI would cite the Barmen Declaration as a parallel example of how a faith community might articulate and affirm what it has needed to learn from its own historical crises.

This takes us back to the Belhar. Now, finally, they are looking for sentencing alternatives and “diversion” programs like “drug courts,” which combine the threat of incarceration with remedial programs and mutual-help groups for long-term recovery.