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PHYTO-PHARMACOLOGY OF BERBERIS ARISTATA DC: A REVIEW. Mazumder Papiya Mitra 1, *Das Saumya 2, Das Sanjita 2, Das Manas Kumar 3. Berberis aristata DC (Berberidaceae) commonly known in Hindi as “Dāruhaldi” and “Citra,” is an important medicinal herb native .. Berberis aristata: A review. The review of Berberis was also done with an end in view of identifying the . 3) ( References in Table 3: B. aristata: Blasko et al., [15]; Potdar et al.

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Support Center Support Center. The determination of quantitative values, fluorescence analysis and the use of lycopodium spore analysis has specifically contributed to this differentiation. Following this is a small zone of phelloderm, which are only layers wide with thin walled parenchyma constituting it.

J Med Plants Res.

These shrubs are distributed throughout the Himalayas, it is also found in Southern India in Nilgiri hills and also bergeris Sri Lanka. Antimicrobial studies of stem of different berberis species.


Pharmacognostic evaluation of roots of Berberis umbellata Wall. Pal, [ 94 ].

A review on biological and chemical diversity in Berberis (Berberidaceae)

As secondary growth proceeds, cork cambium arises on the second layer of the parenchymatous cortex just encircling the central stele [ Plate 4Figure 2]. Berberine attenuates cardiac dysfunction in hyperglycemic and hypercholesterolemic rats. Periodical Expert Book Agency Previous reviews on individual species of Berberis are available, but a comprehensive berberix on the entire genus is still lacking.

Alcohol and water soluble extractive values are 8. Pharmacognostic evaluation of roots of Berberis chitria Lindl.

Detailed pharmacognostical studies on Berberis aristata DC plant

However the cuticular furrows are larger on the ventral side than those observed for the dorsal side. The tracheids have blunt to pointed ends and possess bordered pits on their walls [ Plate 1Figure 4s and t]. Chin Med J ;2: Leaf architecture in Berberidaceae and its bearing on the circumscription of the family.

Hussain, [ 52 ]. The secondary phloem is comprised of sieve tubes, sieve plates, companion cells and phloem parenchyma and phloem fibers. Published online Revidw Medicinal plants of the Bhagirathi valley lying in the Uttarkashi forest division U. Chromosome atlas of flowering plants of Indian subcontinent. J and A Churchill Ltd; Himalayan Chem Pharm Bull. Effects of 7-O demethylisothalicberine, a bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid of B.


A review on biological and chemical diversity in Berberis (Berberidaceae)

Bashir S, Gilani AH. Vessels with bordered pits and spiral type of thickening are also seen prominently. The microscopical studies of drugs; pp.

Tomita M, Yong TH. Lublin – Polpnia Section C. The present review summarizes the taxonomic, ethno-botanical, pharmacognostic, photochemical and reiew claims of Berberis species. Nil Conflict of Interest: The inhibitory effects of the methanolic extracts on the growth of three organisms viz. Thus there is a progressive increase in the berberine content of the plants with an increase in age. In vitro and in vivo studies.