Bérénice: Bérénice, tragic drama in five acts by Jean Racine, performed in and published in It is loosely based upon events following the death of. Racine: Berenice, a new complete downloadable English translation. Described as a ‘ravishing elegy’, Berenice is today regarded as one of Racine only makes very occasional appearances on the British stage.

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Alan Hollinghurst: translating Racine | Stage | The Guardian

Berenice was not played often between the 17th and the 20th centuries. Suetonius wrote a single sentence on the affair: However, Titus has been listening to public opinion about the prospects of his marriage with a foreign queen, and the Romans find this match undesirable.

However, Titus confirms that he will not marry her. Titus begs her to stay but she refuses both Antiochus and Titus.


She and Antiochus leave Rome separately, and Titus remains behind to rule his empire. The tragic situation results from two irreconcilable demands. Titus cannot sacrifice his mission as the head of Rome for his passion for Berenice.

The drama could have been based on events which conspire to separate the lovers, but Racine chose rather to eliminate all bernice that could overshadow the one action that he retains: He has in fact already made his decision before englissh play begins, and all that remains is for him to announce it to her and for her to accept it.

Their love for each other is never in doubt, there is never any personal danger, nothing distracts the attention of the audience. The great art of Racine is to make something out of nothing, as he says himself in the preface to the play.

Review: Berenice

bdrenice The tension reaches its climax at the end of the fourth act, when Titus explains his dilemma, and Berenice refuses his decision. In the fifth act, they both come to terms with their duty; contrary to other plays by the same author, neither seeks escape through death.


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