A mesmeric collection of stories about love. In his characteristically unsentimental , elegant and spare prose, Schlink unveils characters and relationships. THE characters in ”Flights of Love,” Bernhard Schlink’s first collection of stories, are not the kind of men you expect to be defined by love, much. Flights of Love Bernhard Schlink, trans John E Woods pp, Weidenfeld, £ Beneath Black Stars: Contemporary Austrian Fiction.

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I felt like this short story was giving Lisa excuses glights being a cheating wench. He has worn himself out keeping three lives going at once: That constellation dogs other writers in Chalmers’s anthology, who dispute the claim that Austria was the Nazis’ first victim.

J’adore les nouvelles, mais vraiment. The point this story makes is that prejudice can happen on both ends.

Here his subject is not history but the heart itself, and with the forensic delicacy of a master he lays bare the flihgts of our feelings.

I don’t think I’ll be reading any of his books in the furture. On the other hand, stories such as The Circumcision, The Son, The Woman at the Gas Station and even The Other Man before it lost its point had very simple storylines but managed to capture the angst, torture, love and pain of the characters in very beautiful layers.

I borrowed this book from my friend’s fiance. Especially the ending…man, I hated the ending.

Life simply goes sclhink. By turns brooding and comic, and filled with the suspense that comes from the inexorable unfolding of character, Flights of Love flighfs nothing less than masterful. I especially disliked ‘A Little Fling’ and the only story I found somewhat intresting was ‘Sugar Peas’ Maybe it’s becuase I’m not smart enough An unremarkable book of short stories, full of unremarkable and in most cases, unlikable characters.

Both Schlink and Sebald were born in”beneath black stars”, in the imagery of Heimito von Doderer’s tale of collusion and defiance in Nazi-ruled Vienna.

Flights of Love : Bernhard Schlink :

The clarity of Schlink’s vision and the calm eloquence with which it’s expressed make these tales classics of their genre. Want to Read saving…. All the stories had to do with love and how flightd it can burn you.


In this instance, I can understand why he did so.

As he puts it: Despite any of the negative points mentioned, here is a collection of short stories that merit bernyard and make us eager for the next full scale novel to come along. His characters, at least in this book, are invariably super successful white people living in posh urban regions, touched with the ennui of the privileged.

I also thought that Schink world was something that I couldn’t always relate to. Some stories explore cultural identity in love relationships.

Flights of Love

It confused me until the end…. Yet while Schlink’s stories betray bernhadr shallow glibness, the Austrian selection proves more challenging and worthwhile. Beneath his straightforward and engaging plot lines, Schlink also does a remarkable job of characterizing some of my favorite European cities. My thoughts on “Girl with a Lizard”: I would recommend this to those looking for a quick read about love.

This book have me such emotion. The rhythms of a man and woman together over decades, the early passions and intense lovemaking and exploration of each other’s inner worlds; the busy-ness of life Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Whilst some of the stories create empathy for the pain and guilt of its protagonists, others haunt and still others are shot through with almost wicked humour. To me, these were appalling comments, especially given that they are in a committed, serious relationship. Andi, a German living in New York, resolves to be circumcised to save his ailing relationship with a Jewish woman, Sarah. In its profound questioning of moral responsibility, this story alone puts Schlink’s efforts in the shade.

Would those thoughts, being actually shared, have kept us closer and more together? Picked this up because I wanted to get beyond the tortured obsessions of Homecoming, and Schlink is so highly thought of, I wondered whether I was being overly critical.

You can just feel history pervading every story. This story has such a well of sadness in it as the man in it is confronted by the fact that his life, which has been held together by the rituals and habits of a not unhappy marriage, has not made him happy when a long-held dream echlink before him as a possible reality. Thomas needed a punch in the face and the 3 girls irked me to no end. Stories Bernhard Schlink, Authortrans. To hold them secret, protect them, is to deny the other the chance to reach across the difference and build a bridge.


There were no frills, no long and meandering descriptions. I just finished reading Flights of Love by German lawyer and writer Bernhard Schlink, famed for his novel The Readerand I must say that it was a simple collection of short stories but nobody can deny the fact that each story brings out strong message. Despite Schlink’s matter-of-fact depiction of events, “The Other Man” and “Sugar Peas” can test credibility, but both od are anchored in such strikingly portrayed characters that the reader’s trust remains strong.

I was annoyed a lot, but it was okay. Dec 18, Abdullah rated it really liked it. The characters leading these stories are all very different peop I have never really been one for short stories. But I fliguts to give authors a second chance. He is a former judge and teaches public law and legal philosophy at Humboldt University of Berlin and at the Benjamin N.

His latest novel, OLGA, was a 1 bestseller internationally and will be published in Lists with This Book. Woman at the Gas Station The ending made me sad even though I knew it was going to happen hint…the title. Weil Deutsch meine Muttersprache nicht ist, war es manchmal schwer zu lesen, aber die Beziehungen in den Geschichten waren mir immer faszinierend.

I wasn’t excited about reading this to start with.

Schlink shows us in turn love as desire, love as confusion, love as a quick affair, love as a drastic life-changing rebellion, love as a force of habit, love as self-betrayal.