(). Datenreport zum Berufsbildungsbericht (a). Berufsbildungsbericht Retrieved from pdf BMBF. Bellmann, L., A. Crimmann, F. Wiesner (), Resisting the crisis: short-time für Berufsbildung (, , ), Datenreport zum Berufsbildungsbericht , . Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung [Federal Ministry for Education and Research, BMBF] (), Berufsbildungsbericht Bonn and Berlin.

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The jacks, which have the same function as those used to change the wheel on berufsbildunbsbericht car, are usually operated by a control unit, which may have malfunctioned, causing the overpass to lean to one side and subsequently collapse.

Investigations will therefore also focus on the quality of the concrete used in the piers. The subcontract in question, for example, involved raising 13 overpasses on a kilometre stretch of motorway.

The work was being carried out to ensure a distance of 5. Work on 11 of these had already been completed without any problems.


Red tape blocked work on Genoa bridge despite safety concerns Florence, a meter-long chasm opens up under Lungarno TorrigianiThe Mayor: It is thought that cause of the collapse may therefore have been related to the temporary supports on which the jacks used to lift the central section of the overpass had been placed. They added that motorways are closed to traffic — usually at night — only when a new bridge is being built to replace an old one. Perhaps the temporary piers had not been properly anchored, or the jack control unit was faulty.

English translation by Simon Tanner www. One last question, however, remains: Only then can we establish at what stage mistakes were made.

This is another line of inquiry that 22013 are considering. Ministry experts The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio, meanwhile, has already appointed a commission of experts to analyse what happened. Genoa bridge collapse is?


A casa di Steve Bannon: We were simply carrying out scheduled maintenance. This distance had fallen below required levels as a result of work to widen the motorway from two to three lanes, which also involved raising the road surface by by centimetres.

Work commenced in May and was scheduled for completion in September The four Romanian berufsbildunvsbericht who were working on the construction site where two people died yesterday have already been interviewed, and the prosecutor of Ancona, Irene Bilotta, has opened an investigation for multiple manslaughter, which may soon be extended to include the further offence of causing a disaster.