8BX. Coaxial. 8BX. ○. Considerable power handling: w AES (low frequencies) and 20 w AES (high frequencies). ○. Combination of a 8″ bass loudspeaker. I used years ago the predecessor of the 8bx (which had a paper cone) in a closed box (around 20l) with good results. It had strong bass output. Hi belin, Thanks for information. I’m looking forward to see measurements and crossover scheme. BTW I have some crossover scheme from.

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Beyma 8bx 8″ 8 Ohm Coaxial Driver | eBay

Jul 8, at 9: Accuton Amplimo Audyn caps Beyma. It does seem like I’m going to be listening to sweeps more than I listen to films or music though! Jan 19, at 7: I think crossover design with the minidsp looks like something I can pick up with some effort but I’m finding it tough to find info on active speaker amplification. I’m going to try and get a Windows setup so I can run WinISD but does anyone roughly what sort of size enclosure is recommended?

The compression tweeter shows excellent efficiency and fast response to transient attacks. Your nickname or email address: Jan 20, at 8: In Beyma we face the problem of heat dissipation with a clear goal in mind: One more year, Beyma will be present at the PL Jan 19, at 1: Rated Impedance 8 ohms. The increase of temperature in a pleated diaphragm strains every fold, limiting the electrical beeyma it can handle.


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Beyma 8BX/N 8″ Coaxial Build

LeomJun 10, Or are the gains not worth what seems an increased workload and cost? In the subjective field, which is also a relevant part in the Beyma development process, in our opinion it brings a more natural sound when comparing it with other polyesters. This 8bs similar perhaps Product rating from customers 5 out of 5 from 1 ratings. So an unusual sized test box has been ordered.

Beyma 8BX/N 8″ Coaxial Build | AVForums

If it works then I will build the other surround speaker and possibly 6 more to use as back surrounds and 4 Atmos on ceiling speakers. Width of the box can be anything upto mm and the height can be anything! It is well known how the overall SPL of a system suffers a drop after some time working due to the power compression effect in the speakers.

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Minimum impedance 6 ohms. Jan 19, at 4: Unit Rated impedance 8 ohms. Products like the 18PWFe, 21PWFe or the unique 12MC are designed following that concept; models that even with a ceramic magnet structure, feature high sensitivity, an increased power capacity and performance comparable to bigger coil designs with neodymium motor structures.

I know the tweeter only beym around 20w but what options are there for w amps for the woofer and 20w for the tweeter? Right, going active isn’t as simple as plugging in a few wires and bashing away at the keyboard then I guess!

Beyma 8bx 8″ 8 Ohm Coaxial Driver

Tinkering with software is more my thing I’d imagine. Unit Nominal Diameter mm.

Then make measurements and do some listening. The latest cooling technology that we deliver to the Professional Audio market through our new speakers, bring together several solutions to meet our goal; in one side allows the woofer to handle bigger rates of power with a given coil diameter, so we can think in smaller coil designs with smaller motor structure, reducing the weight but beyja the sensitivity and also keeping an adequate power handling figure for a target application.