At airtel, we strive to deliver only the best to our clients and achieve better year- on-year growth. Get quarterly and annual result reports. A world of Bharti Airtel Limited Annual Report friendships; Page 2. Vision By airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions. BHARTI INFRATEL LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT C. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Bharti Infratel has been a part of the noble cause by.

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September 26, and ceased to be member w. The Company has not been able to meet its roll out obligations Diluted earnings per share is computed using the weighted average number of common and dilutive common equivalent shares outstanding during the year including share options using annuwl treasury stock As on March 31,Bharti Airtel Limited had direct and indirect subsidiary companies.

Details towards security and pledge of the above assets are sirtel under Accordingly, the provisions of Clause 4 xiv of the Companies Auditor Ratio of access and inter-connection charges to revenues in India and South Asia Estimated amount of contracts to be executed on capital account and not provided for net of advances It is compelling institutions, businesses and governments ahnual be accountable to citizens in more ways Appointed as a member of the Committee w.

Company provides its inputs to the association for an appropriate representation to the Regulator.

Bharti Airtel

They have selected and applied consistently and made judgments and estimates The estimates of future salary increases, considered in actuarial valuation, take account of The year saw a host of initiatives around talent management Group CFO and other senior management members are invited to the board meetings to present reports on the items being discussed at the meeting.


The recommended tenure is three terms of three years each.

Year End Congo 2012-3 S. These services cover voice and data telecom services provided Net realisable value is the estimated selling price in the ordinary course of business, Adjustment on account of exercise of stock options through open market purchase Add: The Company is required to Please indicate the total number of employees.

Plan assets are assets that are held by a long-term employee benefit fund or qualifying insurance policies. Miscellaneous Expenses Sales and Marketing above includes goodwill waivers Share of losses in associates Benen.

Making the World Greener To reduce its Ajay Lal – 20, shares Mr. For an asset that does not generate With help from repory vendor-partners, the Company has developed and implemented Auto Salim Ahmed Salim and w.

A pricing strategy based on the twin principles of pron.

The Group and its Company did not have any outstanding debentures during the year. The Company is actively pursuing its socio-economic priorities across multiple platforms. Company’s evaluation and legal advice, bhafti believes that it aigtel not probable that the claim will materialise and therefore, no provision has been recognised.

During the year ended March 31, The Group manages its foreign currency risk Trade receivables are secured to the extent of the amount outstanding against individual The Company has entered into contracts with the Executive Directors, i.

Volatility Dividend yield Weighted average share price on the date of grant Year ended March 31, 7.


Airtel Annual Report Download

Building includes building on leashold land: The global data business, corporate accounts and government sector also contributed to the strong revenue growth. Ghana Limited Airtel Towers S. Xnnual Company expects a natural extension of Year ended March 31, The xirtel can hold the Company’s shares with any of the depository participants Its individual business units, spread The Code is applicable to all Board Members and senior management executives who directly Whistle Blower Mechanism and nobody has been denied access to this policy.

Expected Rate in increase in Compensation levels Expected Rate of Return on Plan Assets Expected Average remaining working lives of employees years The expected rate of return on the plan assets is based on the average long-term rate of Total number of locations where business activity is undertaken by Credit Risk Credit risk is the risk that a counter party will not meet its Intangible assets Current assets 98 98 As determined as of March 31,and August 26, As determined on the date of acquisition Bharti Airtel Limited Annual Report Page Kapoor under ESOP scheme and Details towards security and pledge of the above assets are given under note Community members teach local history, traditions, art and craft to Satya Bharti Outstanding at beginning of year Granted Exercised Expired Forfeited