Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ziegler convinced Louis Riecke to act as a subject for the testing of the Functional Isometric Contraction system of training. Muscle contraction pdf – powered movements in muscle contraction. isometric muscle contraction pdf smooth muscle contraction pdf. Functional Isometric Contraction, System of Static Contraction: Advanced Course. Front Cover. Bob Bob Hoffman Foundation, – Calisthenics – 26 pages.

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I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Hoftman One of our rules of successful training, and body building is, never miss an exercise period. This is pure Functional Isometric Contraction meaning that the muscle continues to measure the same length.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It will bring superior results faster, with less effort, in far less time. The Functional Isometric Contraction method of training brings together all the known scientific facts of strength development and body mechanics. This system is especially applicable to many athletic boh, notably weight lifting.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. If you want to keep up with the nob lifters, if you want to build your strength and muscles to their maximum, you must start now to use the Functional Isometric Contraction System. Although Functional Isometric Functiona, Isometric Contraction With Weights and Muscular Hotfman With Movement, Isomegric Power Rack Training are worth ways to strength, super health and development in themselves, they succeed more rapidly and much more fully when they are combined with a complete weight training program.

What can we furnish to those who want the limit in weight lifting ability, in strength and physical perfection that has not already been offered in the courses which have served so well, in the 19 books Bob Hoffman has written, in the thousands of articles that Bob Hoffman has written.

Functional Isometric Contraction will develop functional strength more quickly than any other method known to man. After a lifetime spent in the search for strength and better strength building methods, we can now offer this faster, better method of isomettric superior physical ability – through Functional Isometric Contraction Training. In many cases broken and re-broken by men who use the Functional Isometric Contraction System of training. Psychology and Physiology of Exercise and Kinesiology are the sciences that contributed the basic scientific facts which are used as a foundation for this new system of weight training.


All lifters have seen men who looked strong but were not strong. This is nature’s way of preventing injury to the body.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

So many people do not supply their bodies with the proper food. It trains the muscles to exert an explosive strength in the desired direction. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Then there are some who are so ambitious that they train too hard and too often.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

I am actually awestruck at the miracles it has already wrought, at the speed with which it develops great strength and improved functional condition, and all around physical ability.

The training system we are offering is the best, the superior way to build great strength and development. Only with weights can you accurately measure the effort you are putting forth. Alvin Roy, a close friend of Riecke, made the trip from Louisiana to California for the national weight lifting meet with Louie. In the past many men failed with these training systems because they trained on their nerve too often and did not give the muscles time to recuperate and rebuild after the day of vigorous training.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. With this system of weight training, functionzl the absolute limit of force is applied, only a single contraction is made in each exercise.

As Functional Isometric Contraction and Isometric Contraction with weights, Super Power Rack Training make such moderate demands upon the body, yet bring such sensational results, they can be practiced functionaal what would normally be rest days. New growth in cells and in muscle tissues takes place at one. Amazon Restaurants Food functoonal from local restaurants. Any exercise is better than no exercise, even pushing one hand against another is better than nothing, but if you want the maximum of physical strength, development and physical ability, you must follow he best methods.

Many lifters have the muscular strength to lift much more than they have ever lifted but they have inhibitions within themselves that prevent them from making a maximum effort.

I was almost a lone pioneer in formulating and proving the training systems included in the courses enumerated.

A Superior Method of Strength and Muscle Building The Functional Isometric Contraction system combined with isometric training with weights is a superior system of strength and muscle building which is the culmination of many years of effort, many years of scientific study, years of experimentation and practice. These gains will be made by men who use this most modern system of training. Ziegler who has done considerable muscular rehabilitation work, and cell growth research, became interested in applying some of the practices used in rehabilitation to the training of athletes.


The heat and work produced by a muscle will work in reciprocal relation to each other. Only with progressive weight training can physical progress be measured accurately almost with micrometer-like precision.

These men are John Ziegler, M. A muscle will not increase in size and strength after demands have been upon it by the ordinary training system until it is thoroughly rested. Drury, Al Roy and Bob Hoffman are among the first in the world to apply this proven strength building principle to heavy exercise, heavy athletics, strength and muscle building.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction – Free Download PDF

They may train too little, use too little weight resistance, or they miss training periods for every possible excuse. With the combined Isometric-Isotonic Training with weights you can continue to train with very heavy weights and heavy weight resistance.

Although a weakling, an invalid or a cripple can obtain good iwometric with the Hoffman Isometric-Isotonic Super Power Rack, we repeat, it is primarily designed for those who want the limit in strength and development. It will help you in spite of bad habits, but you will succeed much faster and succeed better if you iosmetric the rules of healthful living as closely as possible.

This old method is time consuming, tiring and requires a considerable period of recuperation between training sessions. Bob Hoffman followed this experiment by phone, by letter, by personal visit and encouraged Riecke to put his maximum effort back of the experiment.

W ith all the various successful York Courses published to date, you may wonder why there should be another course of training. No muscular growth is possible unless there is an ample supply of complete protein.

You get out of isotonic exercise what you put into your training. In the next two years there will be tremendous gains made in all the lifts – the press, the snatch, and the clean and jerk.