Title, Download. Bradstone Garden Paving & Walling. Bradstone Masonry Walling Brochure. Bradstone Stone Walling Overview. How to build a circular step. Domestic hard landscaping manufacturer, Bradstone, has launched a new brochure ahead of the gardening season. Designed to bring a. The Bradstone reconstituted walling range is widely accepted by planners for use in sensitive areas. The moulds which are taken from natural stone recreate the.

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I’ve loved StoneMaster since it was first revealed to me in the boot of a car outside a budget hotel in Coventry several years ago and long before it hit the market. After years of having a pretty naff website, a whole new site was rolled out just before close-of-business at Christmas and although it’s still being tested, it is a ma-hoo-sive improvement on the previous version.

But what about new stuff? Getting the trade and, probably more importantly, the DIY crowd, to see that it isn’t a gimmick will be bloody hard work. This reflects the sense that the CBP market has matured and stabilised at a point where, as far as the British market is concerned, we have all the options we need, thank you very much, so you can keep your fancy continental ideas about textures and non-rectangular shapes, because we don’t want them.

One notable near-absence from all the photographs, and barely present in the later Technical Information, is Setts.

There are other developments in the pipeline. Inset trays for mini-planters, bespoke lighting units, feature panels? As with so many other suppliers, Bradstone have put together a range of fixing and jointing products. The internal pages have a sort of soft satin finish, which seems to be more sympathetic to the photies than some of the very glossy papers used on other brochures.

Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Bamburgh Mill” P. Cluttering it with umpteen brand names does nothing for me.


Unless the price of imported stone starts to rocket and that’s not all that unlikely! It’s certain to attract strong opinion. ButtPredominantly double sidedBlack B Brofhure Initially, it’s only available with the Panache paving, brochude if it’s successful, what’s to stop brdastone being used with any of the other flagstones?

Users don’t go to such sites to be entertained; they are there looking for guidance and information presented as simply and as lucidly as possible. And more of the same with the “Landscape Features”, the walling edgings and stepping stones, the decorative aggs, rockery stone and pretend sleepers.

The base doesn’t even need to be perfectly level or to fall in a particular direction because surface water passes through the open joints to the bare ground below. Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Ventura” P.

Brochure Downloads

Nothing new, but then the existing range is fully comprehensive, with everything you could expect from blocks without there being anything too exotic. A robust selection with nothing new and nothing to get you over-excited. Not a lot more, admittedly, but a couple of other items that warrant bardstone mention.

Surely there’s a decent photie or two of a sett paved job somewhere in the Bradstone files? Add a white table for a truly European experience??? Maybe that’s where the opportunity to use high-quality pics from contractor jobs could come in?

Size mm Colour x Liscia Cream in Close Up. Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary brochuure Restoration” P. The size and packaging information is similarly lean, and is kept with the product imagery rather than tucking it away in some unfathomable table at the back of the brochure. It’s not as fancy-dan as Cloisters, but not as basic as Weathered Riven.

All BRADSTONE catalogs and technical brochures

Here’s a bradstoe with the quality and texture that I feel would attract a lot of interest, but if the only viable design option is the sort of boring, rigid, geometric layout as shown in the brochure, so highly reminiscent of the orthodoxy of the lamentable decorative paving design we endured in thesthen it’s going to be a damned hard sell. I’ve yet to hear a contractor tell me that a client chose a particular product because of its low carbon bootprint. Each paver hasindividual character and Still, we’ve seen far worse over the years: It looks bloody complicated.


At a time when our trade needs any help it can get, maybe a different approach to installation of small projects is what we need to stimulate interest.

River washed Limestone flags – just because I like it! Monksbridge Block Paving – Grey-Green is hidden away bottom left. I feel they have got this about right.

Similarly with block paving.

Bradstone Brochure 2017

It’s also burdened or emblazoned you decide! Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Natural Travertine”.

With the exception of the small padstones there has been no excavation. Even when products are given only a single page, the layout is much easier on the eye. I also saw for myself just how many weeks of work no exaggeration! The BradPoint jointing jollop is a one-part resin mortar, so like all the other one-part resin mortars currently flooding the market, is bradsgone a waste of time and money.

And when it comes to options, we’re offered two finishes each with four colours. Here the first brcohure pages from the catalog “Traditional paving Yorkvale” P. Handily, there’s a link to the “Full Product Index” on the back cover which allows individual pavings and other products to be tracked down by name alone. That feels better already! Here the first 1 pages from the catalog bradstohe paving Honeymede” P.

So, that’s it for Contemporary: