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Crossbills were seen in much less numbers than I have usually found them elsewhere in Alaska. Learn more about accountability.

From this elevated view- point one fully api reciates how closely the heavier growth of conifer- ous trees is confined to the banks of the streams. About the lake they appeared only in sjcattering numbers except at the mouths of the small salmon streams, where they fairly swarmed. Most of those Jlled are said to have been found in the Kvichak River or in the ftke near the outlet brownsvlile the river, which seems to indicate that the ;nimal.


And I’ve already budgeted for paying someone to format this is I can’t figure it out. Johnson at an unknown locality on the Alaska Peninsula is intermediate in character between iliaca and unalaschcerms, but nearer to iliaca.

A scanty growth of alder and willow is found along s4 me of the streams, which are short, swift, and shallow. Lepiu americanus dalli Merriam. I offered a variety of articles in exchange for its skin, but all were scornfully rejected. A few were seen at Cold Bay. But when alarmed, they get over the ground with a rush that is surprisingly rapid considering their turtle-like build. The bird dqflged the first throw and fluttered away for about 10 feet, enabling the native to recover the knife and try again.


One foggy morning, as we were slipping down the current of one of the narrow side channels, a brace of mallards flew across a small peninsula to our left and alighted in a little cove, whence they hauled out on the muddy bank. During the winter of the natives of Kanatak trapped over red foxes, chiefly about the head of Becharof Lake. One specimen of this beautiful garter snake with black nuchal spots was taken in the Davis Mountains, July 12,at about 5, feet, in Upper Sonoran zone.

Quercus digit at a. Symphoriairpos lotiffi floras f.

Brownsville Couple Arrested for Having Oral Sex in Park | KGBT

When the scjuir- ivl dodges into its near-by burrow, new tactics are adopted. A few days later 2 speci- mens were killed from a large flock on a little lake near the southwest shore of Becharof Lake, October 5. It was scarcely possible to walk 60 yards anywhere in the vicinity of the village without encountering signs of them. I 1 wrnBEB, Ovia dalli kenaienaia Allen. A pair and two young able to fly were found in possession of an islet near the middle of Lake Clark.

One was seen giving battle to a pair of ravens at the mouth of the Chulitna River August 8. At such times the long, pointed nose seems to be the keenest organ of sense.

The skulls are practically identical with those of shumaginensis and smaller than those of aZascejisis. This is doubtless near the southern limit of its breeding range on this continent; Anthos peniilTanicns Lath. Exceedingly abundant on all the lakes and rivers visited by us. However this will be all-new, with a more serious approach. One was taken on ttebra portage between lakes Iliamna and Clark July Texas Peccary; Javeline; Musk Hog.


Acanthis hornemanni exilipes Coues. At this season they do not fly until quite late in the evening, sometimes not until 11 o’clock and later. All the Texas reconls are from Lower Sononin zone, but farther east the species also ranges across at least Upper Sonoran. In the daytime they sleep in hollow trees or logs, in holes in the ground, or merely curled up in the brush or weeds or sometimes on a tebrz branch of a tree, and if disturbed apj ear stupid and dazed.

Green- winged teal were very scarce on the interior lakes and rivers. According to the natives they are to ] e found in similar numbers all along the peninsula.

Wolf tracks were seen on a few of the l eaches of Lake Clark and ako about the portage from the Chulitna Kiver to Swan Ijiike.

During the entire time tsbra pitch ind jiace of the cries did not abate in the least, and continued long iftiT we had pa. It is restricted to a reasonably definite locality, and is not composite in the ordinary sense of the term, but merely insufficiently diagnosed, as judged by recently established standanls.

Taken at Tdbra by McKay and Johnson. On the Nushagak side we. Even within the last five years parties have hunted otters there with considerable success. Toyali, 70 miles north of Toyah, Tex.

The catalogue of the U. Sceloporus dispar, Scrloporus merriami, Phrynoxoma cornutum. Share this project Done.