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Purchase your copy of BS as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available online in. Guidance on organisation and naming layers of CAD files, methods of structuring data, relationship between drawings and CAD models, CAD system. PAS is a specification for security-minded building information modelling (BIM), digital built environments and smart asset management. It details.

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Adopting a file naming approach will enable the CDE to operate efficiently and generates consistency across a project. PAS specifies requirements for the implementation of cyber-security-minded Building Information Modelling BIM throughout the construction process. The 1192-55 of the revised BS has been 11192-5 to include briefing requirements for soft landings, building information modelling BIM and post occupancy evaluation POE.

It outlines the cyber-security vulnerabilities to hostile attack when using BIM and provides an assessment process to determine the levels of cyber-security for BIM collaboration which should be applied during all phases of the site and building lifecycle.

Ideally, the CDE will be operational early in the project’s life. It identifies the need to take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect asset information, providing useful guidance 1192–5 asset owners and stakeholders. Part 1BS Always be aware of security requirements and abide by them – this includes making sure new team members are appropriately briefed.

119-5 the project, once the EIRs is available. There are three primary roles to think about in terms of baseline security for design and construction projects: Why I think baseline security awareness is essential We live in 11992-5 increasing complex world where there is a relentless pressure to cooperate with parties outside our organisation.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. As soon bw possible in RIBA stage 0 or 1.

The end goal is for organisations to be assured in their capability to defend themselves and protect their key commercial and personal information. Code of practice for asset management Linear and geographical infrastructure BS Ultimately it’s about being confident in the resilience of your organisation and systems, applying the security requirements to manage risk and achieving a successful project outcome.


The PAS addresses the steps required to create and cultivate an appropriate security mind set and secure culture within an organization, including the need to monitor and audit compliance.

Adopting a Baseline Security Approach for Design and Construction of Built Assets

Why I think baseline security awareness is essential As an industry we are becoming increasingly reliant upon project data and information and the technology to share and manipulate it. Part 4BS My interests have always been with technology, however my focus has shifted to how cyber security approaches must develop in line with technological developments such as BIM in light of an evolving digital threat — landscape within the Built Environment.

Appropriate management of robust systems along with consideration and respect for the data and information that we all generate is so important in making sure it can be used without creating unnecessary risk. Useful resources BS BS is the only standard to provide briefing recommendations for the design and operational performance of infrastructure assets.

British Standards and Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) from

Cyber Essentials PLUS, in addition requires that tests of systems are carried out by an external certifying body. Often file descriptions note the activity within referenced rooms i. Additional Guidance on Plain Language Questions can be found here.

Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. What are the CDE licence requirements? The availability of this suite of documents for free download has been made possible due to government and industry sponsorship.

Since joining Dstl I have gained significant experience in the Information Management environment. The intended audience for this PAS includes organizations and individuals responsible for the procurement, design, construction, delivery, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure assets.

This code of practice defines expectations for the exchange of information throughout the lifecycle of a Facility.


There should also be clarity around files to be held on the CDE and the extent to which files can be shared using other media Are all project files to be filed on the CDE? Search all products by.

However, like PASPAS applies to both building and infrastructure assets and is based on the existing code of practice for the collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information that is defined within BS Engineering drawings, Architectural drawings, Drawings, Technical drawing, Graphic representation, Computer-aided design, Mathematical models, Data structures, Plans, Computer applications, Computer graphics, Data transfer.

In the first edition of PAS Specification for security-minded building information modelling, digital built environments and smart asset management was published. It is a means of communicating an information requirement. Make sure it is clear in the EIRs that the security triage has been undertaken, how it has been undertaken i.

Standards | BIM Level 2

Baseline security awareness ensures that all parties are conscious of the cyber — threats faced and that they are educated on how to capably mitigate risks by implementing effective and appropriate security measures. Why I think baseline bw awareness is essential Baseline security awareness is essential to understand the value of information and assess risk in relation to its storage and sharing.

Make sure that CDE licencing requirements are clear and will support the project for its duration. Building Information Modelling BIM involves data sharing and its transparent nature presents a potential opportunity for hostile forces.

In response the entire construction and operations supply chain needs to employ a security-minded approach and communicate in a cyber-security conscious 11925- which both enables business to function and minimizes the value of information being shared for hostile reconnaissance purposes. Review data access and permissions principles.