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Inazo Nitobe. · Rating details · 4, ratings · reviews. A century ago, when Japan was transforming itself from an isolated feudal society into a modern . Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Nitobe Inazo’s “Bushido: The Soul of Japan,” first published in English in , played an important role in the spread of the word. Over the past.

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Of course Japan is rich in abundance with many unique festivities and whatnot, but a lot of people do these solely because it’s always been done, and even though many have religious connotations, Japan is now one of jappan least religious nations in the world. A Class The relationship between ethos and ethics seems evident. Actually, I never intended to read this book or to finish it in one sitting, but alas it happened.

Jan 04, Peter W rated it really liked it Shelves: How Nitobe discusses things is clear enough to be understood, even by novice readers. What Japan was she owed to the samurai. For those who had eyes to see, the book heralded a change in the world order. Perfect as a work of art, setting at defiance its Toledo and Damascus rivals, there was more than art could impart. The Japanese nation, its land, its people, and its life, with special consideration to its relations with the United States.

But I can only admire and be fascinated by how a Japanese author is capable of describing his culture or better, an element of his culture by means of the classic European standards.

Bushido, the Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe

However, it’s important to remember that since this was written inthe attitude to women in the West wasn’t much different. The Soul of Japan is almost poetic. Mar 12, Diz rated it did not like it Shelves: That were a poor soul that could succumb so easily to extraneous influences.


Japan — Social life and customs. A Japanese ihazo or TV show generally brings one or two of those to mind, but reading this Bushido book really gets to the heart of the Japanese matter.

Bushido: the Soul of Japan by Nitobe Inazo –

This was great for understanding, so much so that even though its a small nitboe, it took a long time to read because i I read this book as i have a general fascination with japan and its sense of morals and values.

Again, it’s very easy to criticise from our twenty-first century internet-enabled Western point of view. Then, too, the thorns that are hidden beneath the sweetness of the rose, the tenacity with which she clings to life, as though loth or afraid to die rather than drop untimely, preferring to rot on her stem; her showy colours and heavy odours–all these are traits so unlike our flower, which carries no dagger or poison under its beauty, ghe is ever ready to depart life at the call of inazl, whose colours are never gorgeous, and whose light fragrance never palls.

Since more than half of his references are western, it underscores the weakness of his Japanese sources.

The book jalan later on translated to Japanese. As founders and directors Koji Chikatani and Richard Nathan explained in a recent Critics have pointed out that no such word as Bushido existed before the Edo Period The feudal system was abolish only around 30 years before the publication of this book, so numerous living sources were available at that time.

Not only is it interesting to study the roots of Japanese ethics, feudalism and notions of valor; but this book really made me think about some American things outside my normal sphere of reference – for example life for US military families, how moral relationships like the governing and the governed differ in various countries or political partiesand also differing cultural views of self-control, respect for enemies, disdain for the intellectual, etc.


In short, this isn’t a scintillating read and it isn’t meant to be siul. Free unabridged audio recording can be downloaded from Librivox here. Jan 19, Steven Walle rated it it was amazing.

Bushido: The awakening of Japan’s modern identity

He wrote this for his father, for a time that had past, and there is an underlining thread of how these tenets when perverted are problematic. It was published in Inazo Nitobe or Nitobe Inazo to Japanese converted to Christianity but still confessed that hsi major moral upbringing and current influence was Bushido, the code of the samurai. A best-seller in its day, it was read by many influential foreigners, among them President Theodore Roosevelt that bought five copies of the book, President John F.

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The author writes well but this is more of a misty-eyed, nostalgic pining for ‘the busnido old days’ than a scientific analysis. It’s a bit self-defeating to anybody looking on from a neutral, unbiased viewpoint.

When Nitobe was asked how Japan could have had any sense of morality since religion did not play any particular role in the upbringing of Japanese youngsters, he suddenly came up with the answer: His approach to his task was eclectic and far-reaching.