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Shkaqet e Vdekjeve në Kosovë, / 27/12/ · /media// ?crop=0,,0. Projektbuxhete · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti. Vlerësim i kushtetutshmërisë së Aktgjykimit të Gjykatës Supreme të Kosovës, PML. nr. /, të 21 tetorit , dhe Aktvendimit të Gjykatës Supreme të.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Article 13, Section And this, I believe, is a success. Though the conditions are not the buxheto favourable, NGK has worked during the last years especially in creating an adequate space for the works that are in the collection.

The New York Times. On the other hand, the United States fully support and endorse the move.

Ushtri me ushtarë – Zëri

This article needs additional citations for verification. The call bbuxheti personal and collective exhibitions was opened for the first time inand continued for each September until this year, through which artists had the chance to compete for exhibiting, and through which later on they would become part of the annual programme of the NGK.

Such duties will include search and rescue operations; explosive ordnance disposal de-mining and UXO removal ; the control and clearance of hazardous materials; fire-fighting; and other humanitarian assistance tasks. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 14 April Any citizen of Kosovo over the age of 18 is eligible to serve in the Kosovo Security Force. On 21 Januarythe Kosovo Security Force was officially launched. Please 204 improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

On 15 September the Kosovo Security Force officially began the work, with its initial operational capacities after an eight-month training with NATO instructors. According to guidance laid out in kosovss Ahtisaari Planthe security force is permitted kosooves carry light weapons and the Government of Kosovo and the international community planned to bring the force in line with NATO standards.


These new tasks included the standing down of the Kosovo Protection Corps, and the creation of the KSF and of a civilian structure to oversee it. One of the principal aims was to encourage all minorities to enroll, so special attention was given to carrying out the recruitment process in two languages — Albanian and Serbian.

March Learn how ubxheti when to remove this template message. The admission and the training of personnel began in early June, when NATO experts arrived in Kosovo to guide the process, and from early Decemberenlisting of candidates between 18—30 years old began.

2015 Budget bill to be reviewed by accelerated procedure

This was done through an idea which was based on three stages: Retrieved 7 July There is an entire generation of young people who had never had the chance to see the extraordinary work of these artists who make up a valuable artistic heritage of this country. In more concrete terms, this force of approximately personnel will deal with search and rescue operations, explosive ordnance disposal, control and clearance of hazardous materials, fire-fighting and other humanitarian assistance tasks.

201 ne Program Publik ishin: We thought that this was important, since their work has never before kodoves a worthy presentation, or one that the work truly deserved, this was because they were neglected by the system and because their creative work had gone through different stages and periods of the difficult political situation through which Kosovo went through, and as a result of which their exhibition and evaluation had remained in the shadows.

During the last kosoces, minimal renovations of the building and its infrastructure were made in order to maximise the space and modernise the ventilation and heating installations 204 are necessary for the work to be preserved according to required standards. I would like to stop here and thank all our donors and partners who during the last four years have contributed and made it possible for the projects and exhibitions of the NGK to be of a high quality. Ambassador nuxheti Kosovo, Philip S.


Instituti Kosovar për Qeverisje Lokale

Retrieved 24 December As ofwomen make up 8. Brigadier General Gjeneral Brigadier. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 Februarybut Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.

Retrieved 14 December — via www. Retrieved 16 December Secondly, another idea that did not come to fruition was the creation of an additional space at the NGK which would serve as a cafeteria and a small library — an idea that is not an invention of mine but that is practiced in many galleries around the world.

The result has been a professional, multi-ethnic, all-volunteer force, which should continue to remain a source of regional stability. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? With this press release Mr. Gazeta Express in Albanian.

Ethnic minorities of Kosovo are encouraged to enroll in the Kosovo Security Force with the Republic of Kosovo’s Constitution requiring the integration of ethnic-minority communities into the Kosovo Security Force. Paramilitary organizations based in Kosovo. Archaeology of Kosovo Monuments Neolithic sites. Archived from the original on 25 October