George Gordon Byron: Beppo ( words) In Beppo the garrulous narrator tells the story of how Beppo (short for Guiseppe) disappears on a sea voyage. Beppo (Byron, versions). From Wikisource For works with similar titles, see Beppo. Versions of Versions of Beppo, a Venetian story include. observations: Byron’s poem is set in Venice at Carnevale: the season of joy and pleasure preceding Lent. Heroine Laura thinks she is widowed.

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Apparently, the husband gets on just fine with the Count.

Beppo, A Venetian Story Poem by George Gordon Byron – Poem Hunter Comments

Self-mockery is also the device he employs to justify his mockery of others. Byron used the Italian ottava rima stanza, which he would go on to use for his long c… Citation: Such modesty, I think, is real enough, but he banks it for a bepp.

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The moment night with dusky mantle covers. Byron beppoo found better things to do; he died pursuing them. Moira – I am so glad you did a piece on Mardi Gras. Eve of the land which still is Paradise! However, he got off by this evading, Or else the people would perhaps have shot him; And thus at Venice landed to reclaim His wife, religion, house, and Christian name.

Beppo (Byron, versions)

Why I thank God for that is no great matter, I have my reasons, you no doubt suppose, And as, perhaps, they would not highly flatter, I’ll keep them for my life to come in prose The story itself is scant but dramatic enough.

And harlequins and clowns, with feats gymnastical. What he’s describing is his own canny exploitation, of inspiration, of experience; his transformation of these vague quantities into a marketable good. If this seems remarkably modern “Beppo” came out inthe year in which Keats published “Endymion” and Shelley began work on Prometheus Unboundthat’s because it is, though I wonder how many modern poets can suggest, in their poetry, so generous, natural, humorous and serious a response to modern life as Byron shows here.

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Literary Encyclopedia | Beppo

Views Read Edit View history. He turns out to be her old husband. Are you not sensible ‘t was very wrong? One of his digressions describes the treatment of wives in Muslim countries, their confinement, both physical and spiritual, with strange and ironic commendation: The poem manifests a number of typical Byronic qualities, like the digressive structure and the use of satirical jabs at targets familiar to Byron’s readership, such as literate women and as well as other poets including Robert Southeywho appears as “Botherby”.

At home, our Bow-street gemmen keep the laws, And here a sentry stands within your calling; But for all that, there is a deal of swearing, And nauseous words past mentioning or bearing.

Some weeks before Shrove Tuesday comes about. For glances beget ogles, ogles sighs, Sighs wishes, wishes words, and words a letter, Which flies on wings of light-heel’d Mercuries, Who do such things because they know no better; And then, God knows what mischief may arise, When love links two young people in one fetter, Vile assignations, and adulterous beds, Elopements, broken vows, and hearts, and heads.

His friends the more for his long absence prized him, Finding he’d wherewithal to make them gay, With dinners, where he oft became the laugh of them, For stories – but I don’t believe the half of them.

Not very surprisingly, he will turn out to be her lost spouse. Now Laura moves along the joyous crowd, Smiles in her eyes, and simpers on her lips; To some she whispers, others speaks aloud; To some she curtsies, and to some she dips, Complains of warmth, and this complaint avow’d, Her beppk brings the lemonade, she sips; She then surveys, condemns, but pities still Her dearest friends for being dress’d so ill.


For my part, now, I ne’er could understand Why naughty women – but I won’t discuss A belpo which is bepop scandal to the land, I only don’t see why it should be thus; And if I were but in a gown and band, Just to entitle me to make a fuss, I’d preach on this till Wilberforce and Romilly Should quote in their next speeches from my homily.

Byron’s Life Byron’s Works.

I’ve never heard of this Byron poem and in fact Byron doesn’t really do it for me, although he did have an interesting life. It was the Carnival, as I have said Some six and thirty stanzas back, and so Laura the usual preparations made, Which you do when your mind’s made up to go To-night to Mrs.

Sarah 12 February at They say you eat no pork. He was a critic upon operas, too, And knew all niceties of the sock and buskin; And no Venetian audience could endure a Song, scene, or air, when he cried “seccatura!

But perhaps ’tis a mistake; I hope it is so; and, at once to waive All compliment, I hope so for your sake; You understand my meaning, or you shall ,” “Sir” quoth the Turk”’tis no mistake at all: You’ll give it me? The rhythm, loose, conversational, and the rhyme, comically excessive, tend towards the same end: The poem, however, is much more than a discourse on poets and poetry – that is only its undertone.

And there are dresses splendid, but fantastical. Such accomplishments make for an amiable life; they make him amiable, too: