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In The Art of Conversation, Catherine Blyth eloquently points out the sorry state of disrepair that conversation has fallen into—and then, taking exa. The Art of Conversation: A Guided Tour of a Neglected Pleasure. Catherine Blyth, Author. Gotham $ (p) ISBN Read Catherine Blyth’s posts on the Penguin Blog. Reclaim the pleasures and possibilities of great conversation with this sparkling guide from the witty.

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Review: The Art of Conversation by Catherine Blyth | Books | The Guardian

Review It is a treasure trove of literary and historical delights, with each page containing a little gem in the form cathernie a quotation or a factoid Independent on Sunday ‘Witty, charming and appropriately garrulous. A bit of fun by a young genius. Mar 24, Lowell rated it did not like it. Oct 04, Shay rated it it was ok.

Let’s have a chinwag

The writing was excessively self-deprecating, mentioning numerous times that the author found herself failing in conversation, and then didn’t offer much information as she went along to redeem my perception of her capabilities. When her husband of twenty five years suddenly announces he’s leaving her, writer Mary Jane Grant runs away to London to immerse herself in any reality but her own.

Jun 20, Christine Beverly rated it did not like it. Blyth’s commonplace book of conversational anecdotes, both ancient and modern, keeps confusing rules, exceptions and bad examples.

Change Your Life with Confident Communication. Its’ simple yet effective anecdotes are in fact guides on conversation. And very often there are neat little diagrams about what to avoid “weather” and what not connversation avoid “humour”. The focus on drawing people into conversation in order to revitalize and stimulate relationships that are fun and interesting was both refreshing and a challenge to step to.


Most darnedest of all is the language of the author – who does s Surprisingly, a book about conversation – it itself fails to talk well. Published December 26th by Gotham first published January 1st Consequently, the art of conversation is quickly disappearing.

Beautifully and succinctly told, this is a story about what happens when you embrace life, whatever it may bring, with surprising – and joyful – results.

Conversation costs nothing, but can bring you the world. Each chapter contains helpful rules — the ones on using silence or navigating difficult conversations are particular cinversation — as well as anecdotes and quotes ranging from the orator who defended Helen of Troy to President George W.

The good news is that in Japan – where a Zen approach to life is more widely practiced – a pathway to a better relationship with money is being carved, by Ken Honda. Never got into this book. Dec 26, Pages. The Art of Conversation is her first book. I realised that it was an hour since I first saw the sign telling me to smell the tea. The insights offered are rich and delivered in a manner that makes you smack yourself in the head for not having known about them sooner. Aug 03, Adrian rated it really liked it.


The Art of Conversation: A Guided Tour of a Neglected Pleasure

In summary, I need a witty British friend. It just didn’t read well.

I’m finding her advice to be “gossipy” to enliven conversations annoying, and some of her suggestions seem downright catty, but there are enough positives and entertaining aspects to keep me going. Reclaim the orgasmic pleasures of a bloody good conversation.

There’s also a clever compendium of 15 “bores, chores, and other conversational beasts” that will make your or foray into a bar or business reception much more entertaining.

And it is light for a reason: It reads as something written by an egotistical “Walk into any bar or internet cafe and you’d think conversation is going out of style” Regrettably, I judged the whole book by that only slightly funny one line, and bought the damn thing, and have regretted it ever since.

For someone who wants us to talk to each other more, Blyth certainly doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of her interlocutors. With examples from Elizabeth I to Tommy Cooper, courtesans to nomads, The Art of Conversation is full of tips on listening, the perfect handshake, talking shop and surviving conversational bores.

Blyth explains why we have conversations and offers some ‘tactics’ in many situations. The Loney Andrew Michael Hurley.