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ECG bpm. Thank You! ALTERACIONES MENSTRUALES POR EXCESO Hipermenorrea Metrorragia Menorragia Menometrorragia. Polimenorrea: Menstruaciones con intervalos menores de 21 días. descartan lesiones o patologías generales o genitales como causa del. Polimenorrea 8. polimenorréia causas. 9 Em algumas mulheres, a falta de hormônio tireoidiano frequentemente causa menorragia e polimenorreia _ isto é, .

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In the origin of the rules irregular there may be conditions organic to be taken into account causzs the inflammation of the uterusfibroids, polyps, uterine cancer, cervical or vaginal cancer. The episodes of rules irregular metrorrhagia occurs mainly in puberty and in the menopause.

Menstruación – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

The alterations of the menstruation related to variation in intervals may also occur due to stress or loads psychic. A rule very intense hypermenorrhea and a rule very long menorrhagia can occur in addition to common conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, the kidneys and the blood. The reason is that in these periods there are more alterations of the follicular maturation as a consequence of a greater influence of oestrogen. When the disturbances of the menstruation cause bleeding too intense or too long, the origin is usually most of the times in diseases of the sexual organs, as a myoma growth of the uterine musclepolyps, or chronic inflammation.


In the alterations of the menstruation disorders in menstruation involved many causes: In addition, the rule scarce can arise from the following factors:.

Mobility Scooter budget for the disabled. In extraordinary cases, the reason for the absence of rule may be in some medications such as psychotropic drugs, remedies, antihypertensive or hormonal preparations.

It is the case of primary amenorrhea, which occurs when, once 16 years old, has not yet appeared the first rule.

In this case it appears a period long-term oligomenorrhea or cycle shortened polimenorreausually after the first menstruation menarcheor before the start of the menopause climacteric.

Secondary amenorrhea can also be attributed to organic disease for casas, infections, injuries or tumors.

Meaning of “polimenorreia” in the Portuguese dictionary

They can also provoke bad eating habits, the competitive sport, or psychological problems. In the dysmenorrhea secondary menstrual pain that occurs after having had normal periods without pain causes can be:. In addition, you can take place, menstrual cycle shortened by the onset of a dysfunction of cauzas ovaries ovarian failure.


If the menstrual pain occurring from the first period primary dysmenorrheamay have the following causes:. In the alterations of the menstruation in which the intervals between each period are longer or shorter, the source is usually, above all, in variations natural hormone.

Menstruación irregular, ¿cómo afecta a mi fertilidad? | EROSKI CONSUMER

This absence of the period primary amenorrhea may have its origin in some malformation of the sexual organs. After this hormonal imbalance may be psychological problems, such as stress, changes intense or anxiety, that end acusas causing changes in the menstrual period.

The painful periods dysmenorrhea can have different causes according to the time in which they are presented.