Center Axis Relock (CAR), a system, not just a platform, may be the next significant step in this never-ending evolution of Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics. Center axis relock is a versatile shooting system which provides a stable firing platform for multiple scenarios and it greatly aids in weapon. C.A.R. (Center Axis Relock) is more than a grip, stance or range application. Created by Paul Castle, C.A.R. is a complete, integrated combat.

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Help support your Meetup Chip in. And the more tools you have in your toolbox, the better prepared you can be for unexpected situations. This has been centerr a brief overview of C. Keeping the Gun In Hand Weapon retention is imperative. For you car guys, I have a question: Membri di Meetup, accedete. Center Axis Relock I sent for his disc a good while ago. It builds isometric tension for weapon control using a triangle made with the arms while placing the sights where they should be—within your focal point.

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

It did allow for a mag flip, though, which gives people on the range lots of wood. I think of it as a long range prescion style.

The 1st Law of Gun Safety: This is a Fee-Based Training Program. Just say watch that muzzle at all times.

The sidearm can be drawn and raised to the correct location with virtually no chance of interference. Prevent a Car Jacking from the Passenger Side of a vehicle if you are approached from the Passenger Side of that vehicle? It’s definitely different, but that doesn’t make it bad.


It is funny how the Clintons and the liberal news etc, never mention the people that are saved by using a gun to protect themselves, yes even in the event of domestic violence. If you are not familiar with C. There are two Center Axis Relock primary positions: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! PS Shrugger — You touch your thumbs together.

The idea that one particular gun control system is the best is asinine and insures failure in actual armed confrontations! The reasons reasoning behind the system are very logical but when your ceter the one trying to do it everything makes sense and sounds easy.

In some scenarios, I see CAR doing this very, very well. I rest my case your Honour. Combat Focus Shooting in South Florida!

Center Axis Relock

The extended position is the intended firing position for denter. In a gunfight, the winner is the one who aligns the sights over the target first.

Center Axis Relock I find myself poo pooing it. Without giving any techniques away, we stress that C. For me, and I suspect for most of us that do not or can not continuuiously train and practice…. My strong thumb kept jamming into the safety, and my support thumb kept getting into the slide lock. Imho I think all three systems have merit.


Your stance shields the frontal chest facing at 1: With practice, I’m confident I would gain speed, and accuracy. You should come to California and get our training because this is one of the hall marks of how great this system really is.


The stances were interesting, and after some use, felt quite natural. It got my attention. Crea un nuovo gruppo. There are so many merits behind the system that can be utilized in real world scenarios. So I consider it a medium range all Around approach.

Can Center Axis Relock Make you Faster, Safer and More Accurate?

I also mahual it for contact-distance encounters with a single attacker because it provides good weapon retention and the ability to quickly place multiple shots on target.

Adhering to Paul Castle’s wishes of positioning the C. The more arrows you have in your quiver, the better. Iscriviti Membri di Meetup, accedete.

Center Axis Relock has been around for several years but is starting to make a comeback. The trouble comes when someone merely threatens to use a weapon and allows the perp to get close enough to get the weapon away from them.