Cinemática de Trauma ATROPELLO, Explosión, Peatones .. http:// html. PHTLS Prehospital Trauma Life Support Rep Dominicana shared Dr. Ramon Reyes, MD’s post. Balística de las heridas: introducción para los profesionales de la salud, del Cinematica de Trauma ATROPELLO, Explosion, Peatones. 7. Mitos en Trauma Cinematica de Trauma ATROPELLO, Explosion, Peatones Manual del Alumno Curso de Soporte Vital Avanzado en Trauma

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Medicine in an Osprey? Follow us for daily content!! Good medics know their kits, they know their drugs, they know their doses, and they train to a high standard.

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If you have any questions feel free to hit me up or head on over to their website. Check them out if you have the need for active shooter training in your area. Marine Corps Base Quantico. There is also a hasty vertical evac component included.

#tacevac medias

This is a variation we use for civilian SWAT ops. Chet Manly is all wrapped up in his HPMK and ready to dash through the woods in his Sked, bypassing grandma’s house in favor of being evacuated to a trauma center. Boa noite a todos Hoy junto a todo el personal del Samu Temuco listos para ayudar a quien nos necesite.


Mission specific is our game.


Active warming is key. The second point to make is that the heat reflective shell has been removed from the HPMK kit and the active warmer is missing. Another certification to the pile Absurdly happy organizing and packing the new graftobianmakeup zucainc bag i got for Christmas from my love munsterlvr For all my mid Atlantic peeps who are wanting to attend the Hampton Roads class, make sure you get your seats reserved.

How many of you have a tourniquet accessible at all times? Anyone have a good flow they follow? Follow us for daily content!

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Wer erkennt die Truppengattung auf dem Barett?! Socorristas do Bem 82 The NATO cards are good, but what are we really trying to accomplish with the casualty card?

Uma honra confraternizar com essas lendas do socorro e do resgate. RTW und C9 in Favoriten: Es mejor tener el conocimiento y no necesitarlo, que necesitarlo y no tenerlo.


I know I already post this but I wanted to put the packing list for the med kit on here for reference. The belt can do 2 multi traumas, and the drop rig is set up for re-stock, or primary bleeding control.

Despite many difficulties in design, a final product was introduced to the Marine Corps inand was officially fielded in replacing the CH Sea Knight. Luck is not a strategy.

Move through the Tactical Field Care phase and upgrade treatments. Training a total of lebaneseredcross paramedics teaching excellence in trauma patient management in prehospital care across Lebanon in the Golden Hour of trauma. Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer. Protejam ele a todo custo!! Bright lights and cold steel! Sneak peek at some of our custom MED kits and go-to trauma gear packed and ready to head downrange.