Dec 5, Methods Essential oil was extracted by hydro distillation using clevenger region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors. . Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS. Coccinia indica drug and insecticide resistance in parasites and vectors, Results: The essential oil extracted from C. indica possessed excellent larvicidal . Jun 13, Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS activity of essential oil extracted from the leaves of Coccinia grandis against region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors.

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Almost one fourth of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from botanicals. Economic Impact Top of page Adapted from Muniappan et al. The fruit is a smooth, bright red, ovoid to ellipsoid berry, Hand-harvesting normally does not kill the plant but rather breaks the vine blankets into smaller pieces and the plant is extrract to re-establish when it touches the ground.

Treatment of Streptozotocin STZ diabetic rats, the fasting blood sugar came down to almost normal value and improvement in glucose tolerance and serum lipid profile.

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Researchers found that people in different parts of the world tended to use the same or similar plants for the same purposes. Ehanol and aqueous Extracts were found to have a more potent inhibitory effect comparing with the other extracts.


The immature fruit and shoot indca are used in Asian cooking Muniappan et al. Lowered blood glucose by depressing its synthesis, on the one hand though depression of the key gluconeogenic enzymes glucosephosphatase and fructose-1,6- biphosphatase and on the other by enhancing glucose oxidation by the shunt pathway through activation of its principal enzymes G6PDH.

Ivy gourd: declared pest | Agriculture and Food

Ovicidal and repellent properties of Coccinia indica Wight and Arn. The extract also showed significant anti-inflammatory activity This study is not a complete toxicity study. A study on the anti-diabetic activity of Coccinia indica in dogs, Indian journal of medical sciences.

Sanadi AR and Surolia A: Conservation Society of Pohnpei, 29 pp. Flower stalks millimetres long. Egg hatching inhibition concentration Leaf ccoccinia oil Possessed excellent larvicidal and egg hatching inhibition activity against A.

Studies on anti-stress and free radical scavenging activity 78 In certain parts of the U. Sand Island, Midway Atoll.

Int J Pharmacognosy, ; 1 1: International Journal of Phytomedicine ; 2: The alternate, simple leaves have a broadly ovate, 5-lobed, by cm. Climbing perennial herb with a tuberous root stock producing annual stems. Journal of ethanopharmacology ; Study 56 Gall formation due to attack of the larvae Stem Found to be active 27 Chitooligo saccharide.


Of total lipids in liver, kidney and brain 5 Antidiabetic activity 38 The plant has wide spread medicinal uses as shown in Fig. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus writings describe medicinal uses for plants as early as 3, BC.

Carrageenan-induced rat hind paw edema was used as the animal model of acute inflammation. Effect of leaf essential oil of Coccinia indica on egg hatchability and different larval instars of malarial mosquito Anopheles stephensi, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine.

Mucilage Extract as coagulant for water treatment 67 Plants in Human Health and Nutrition Policy: Use the links on this page to reach ivy gourd in WAOL. Indian J Pharmacol ; This has accounted for much of coccjnia long distance dispersal of C.

It grows aggressively and can smother and kill The plant has also been used extensively in Ayurvedic and Unani practice in the Indian subcontinent 3. Obtained mucilage is Partially soluble in water and easily soluble in acetone.