UIScrollView is an incredibly useful control for iOS development, so it’s not At the very same time, it seems pretty logical to change the. This doesn’t have to be a UIView specifically, but should be . then change the View Controller Scene’s Simulated size to Freeform, and the. In this UIScrollView tutorial you’ll learn how to zoom large images, Now suppose you want to change PhotoScroll to display the image at the.

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iOS: Maintaining Content Offset When The Size Of Your UIScrollView Changes

Add the following class extension to the end of this file:. If the system receives similar requests in the future, it is able to use the previously saved image without performing any additional editing.

Trying to convert the codes into Swift is a nightmare for a learner. After all, ensuring a smooth user experience UX is crucial to ensuring the success of any web or mobile app. You can see this in action in the App Store app when you view screenshots of an app. Never in my life have I struggled like this to get a scrollview type control to actually … well, scroll!!!

Never miss a story from Vivint Innovation Centerwhen you sign up for Medium. To make uiscrollfiew more user friendly, the keyboard should also dismiss when the return key is pressed.

UIScrollView Tutorial: Getting Started |

Now we can implement a couple of delegate functions to keep track of which field is active. Does the constraint reference something from outside the subtree of the view? In the viewDidLoad function, add the view controller as an observer.


I spent 15min in android and windows phone to integrate the component. For the height of Container Viewdefine a height constraint of The next step is to add whatever content you want to scroll inside the content view and use Auto Layout to constrain the items inside the content view. By commenting below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our linked Privacy Policy Comments massimo says: You can achieve what you want by not making the UIScrollView full screen.

First, you will fix the flow of the application. Jack, you are wrong. You also need to actually set the dataSource. UILayout Guide The layout guide based on the untranslated content rectangle of the scroll view. Keyboard Dismiss Mode The manner in which the keyboard is dismissed when a drag begins in the scroll view.

Now it makes sense. The Blog was helpful. This tutorial finally help me to get the job done. This is the key step in getting a Scroll View to be correctly sized when using Auto Layout.

Thank you so much Mike your my hero. Our second attempt was successful, because the solution genuinely works. To make this work with Auto Layout, the edges within a scroll view actually refer to the edges of its content view. For demo purposes, I colored the scroll view with a yellow background and the content inside with a blue background. A zoom scale of one indicates that the content is displayed at normal size.

Addressing UIScrollView’s Optimization Problems

To make this determination, it temporarily intercepts a touch-down event by starting a timer and, before the timer fires, seeing if the touching finger makes any movement. For instance I could say I want my text view to be four times taller than my labels or the same height as my profile picture.


Get updates Get updates. Disabling Shadows The first solution is to disable shadows when UIView is uiscfollview visible by setting a “0” value for the shadowOpacity parameter.

Then I commented this line out and it still worked. I tried to play around with the example. Similarly, you calculate an offset for the leading and trailing constraints of imageView based on the width.

Was this page useful? If your user interface brings up the keyboard, you should respond by adjusting your layout so that all parts are still visible. If you want it to apply to a regular scroll view, just take out the last two lines – they are in there so that the text view readjusts itself so the user doesn’t lose their place while editing.

But I found that when the textfield is connected to an IBOutlet in the controller, the it tk no longer be appear above the keyboard it will scroll to that field actually, but just showing the top edge of the textfield.

At the very same time, it seems pretty logical to change the resolution of the uiscollview by using the real size of UIImageViewcaching an image that’s already processed and ready to use. Man, you are a life savior! See Also Container Uisctollview.

Now items is a crazy big number, so I would suggest some of the other options.